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Your most listened-to live album?


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Damned - Live at Shepperton

U2 - Under A Blood Red Sky

Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years

The Cult - Dreamtime Live At The Lyceum

Iron Maiden - Live After Death

Japan - Oil On Canvas

BAUHAUS - Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape

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2 hours ago, Nail Soup said:

Interesting to hear a different viewpoint. I took a quick listen to a couple of tracks from Loco Live, but say it comes close to It's Alive.

These things often depend on how and when you were introduced to the band.

As a comparison here's Cretin Hop from both albums:


It's Alive is my favourite live album too, It's faster than the studio takes, which made them better, I think they went to far on Loco Live

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3 hours ago, Old Horse Murphy said:

I know one of her touring bassists is actually a member on here ( @JimmySims I think). He very kindly put me on the guest list when they played in Guildford a few years ago now. 

I want his job :) always been one of my dream gigs, that.

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Most listened to ever...

Frampton Comes Alive, closely followed by Live and Dangerous Thin Lizzy and Humble Pie Performance.

I know it's not very hip to admit that "Comes Alive" is my most played but I loved it when it came out and played it constantly.


Currently my most played , by a VERY long way is... Live at the SVA by The Achievers.

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Free - Free Live

Paul Rodgers - Live In Glasgow

Mountain - The Road Goes Ever On

Taste - Live Taste

Cream - Live Cream Vol 2

Doobie Brothers - Rockin’ Down The Highway

CSNY - 4 Way Street

Thunder - Live


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Most listened-to, ever...  Hm.  Possibly Hawkwind, the 'Space Ritual'.   I played it to death in the 1970s, still dig it out every couple of years.

But the answer is Talking Heads, 'Stop Making Sense'.  That's never far away.


Honourable mentions for:

The Weavers - Live at Carnegie Hall (the second reunion record, the titling was quite confusing when I lat checked)

The Cramps - Smell Of Female.  

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I had to go thru the entire list - there are "honorable mentions", but I talked about this, this morning w/ my buddy when "Hot 'Lanta" came on the radio... Allman Bros. Fillmore East - I would lie on the living room floor with speakers L/R of me...and cry that here was ANOTHER guitarist I would never get to see live. 

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I haven't listed to a studio album for years - only live and only the Dead. Got a shelf fill of of Road Trips, Richard's Picks and Dave's Picks and still subscribe to Dave's  - most recent CD arrived a week ago. I so have most of the Dead's studio output but mostly its only been played the once. 

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Most listened to, definitely Live After Death when I was a little kid. Then an audio copy that a friends friend made from the Cure In Orange video (when touring Head On The Door iirc) or perhaps their Concert album (though wasn't that just a collection of individual live performances?) Then 101, on a pair of Polish pirate tapes. Then Its Alive. And most recently, with YouTube browsing offering endless choices, ACDC's 2009 Live at River Plate is the concert I return to most.

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Quite a few of the usual suspects here:

BeBop Deluxe: Live in the Air Age

Thin Lizzy: Live and Dangerous

Who: Live at Leeds

Cheap Trick: At Budokan

Rush: All the World's a Stage

Loud Family: From Ritual to Romance

Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day

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