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Clover Apeiron H4 Jazz Bass c/w Delano Hybrid P/up system £799


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Clover Apeiron Jazz Bass in excellent overall condition: really great ‘Jazz + bass' with stacks of flexibility. It has all the classic Jazz tones and the MM tones all in one beautifully made instrument. You can switch from active MM mode with active bass and treble for those aggressive "Flea" tones, to passive Jazz mode with a classic modern big/clear Jazz sound (great for slapping) with passive tone and Jazz pickup spacing which will give you growling "P bass" sounds on the neck pickup to honky "Jaco" tones from the bridge pickup. one of the most versatile "Jazz" style basses. Specifications; Solid Alder Body; High gloss Vintage cream-white finish; Rosewood Fingerboard, 34' scale, 21 frets; Canadian Maple Neck; Scratch plate/s (choice); 2 way switch (see below); Active/Passive switch; Chrome Hardware, Chromed brass bridge; Delano pickups, JC-AL and Hybrid MM Custom. NO CASE -  sorry,  some photos were taken in a black case to better show the white/cream bass. Currently there's no case or gig-bag. I could source either (at cost) if required.

Site Specs: Apeiron H Edition series with "The Hybrid" pickup system. [1] Volume Control · [2] Pickup Pan Control, Tone Controls: [3] Bass Tone Control· [4] Treble Tone Control & Passive Tone Control* The centre position is flat, rotating the control clockwise will boost and rotating the control counter clockwise will cut the tone. * A specially designed pot that works as a classic passive tone control in the single coil mode and as an active treble EQ in the parallel humbucking mode. [5] working mode toggle switch. The toggle switch controls the Apeirons integrated "The Hybrid" mode management by switching the pickups internal wiring, activating or de-activating the EQs and changing the signal paths simultaneously to shift between the both classic sounds at one touch. When the toggle switch is in towards the neck position the passive single coil mode is activated (full bodied early 60´s single coil characteristics with true hardware-bypass and passive tone control). When the switch is in towards the bridge position the Apeiron works in the biting humbucking mode (low resistance parallel bridge pickup coils and two-band active electronics). Tech note: In the humbucking mode, you´re able to combine the hybrid pickup with the neck pickup, too. This is an additional feature. But take note, that use of the neck side single coil pickup in may cause hum (Apeiron H Edition only), if driven with the active electronics. To achieve an authentic sound, you should turn the balance knob fully backwards - and so your bass is hum-free. Apeiron HP Edition basses have a hum-free split-coil humbucker in neck position. offering for limited time @ £799 (incl. Courier but w/out case. One pickguard) !!










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51 minutes ago, warwickhunt said:

Nice bass David and loads of cracking info... except for the bit we all ask eventually, what does it weigh?  :)  

Thanks Jon ... sorry, I thought I'd included that. It's reading 9.1lbs on our digi-scales. You're right about the weight Q. Maybe it should be included with the required info (location, price etc.)

... just tried it on the alternative hand-held luggage digi-scales = 8.88 lbs (could be right as it matches the price?!). So probably somewhere in the 8.8 - 9.1 range..................

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more info
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9 minutes ago, Evert Albers said:

If I estimate the bridge pickup position correctly, I'd say that it has a '70s J pickup, not '60s - but I'm not entirely sure.

... could be right, I was just quoting the Clover specs: ..." When the toggle switch is in towards the neck position the passive single coil mode is activated (full bodied early 60´s single coil characteristics with true hardware-bypass and passive tone control) ..."

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