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Basschat Straplocks - Available Now!!


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... and then there was this time that the Duke of Edinburgh went on a courtesy visit to an asylum. He was shown around, and noticed an unusually quiet chap in a locked cell. He wanted to speak to him, so the nurses unlocked the door and allowed him in. The inmate looked up from the book he was reading and greeted him. 'You seem to be very calm; why are you in here..?', inquired the Duke..? 'An accident, I'm afraid' replied the patient. 'I came to give this book to a friend in here, and I've been mistaken for a lunatic ever since. It's been four years, but no-one will listen to me.'. 'Well, well, well..!' declared the Duke. 'I'll have a word with the Direction here, and we'll get this sorted out pretty quickly. Trust me; I have some influence.' He turn back to the door to leave, and was hit on the back of the head with the heavy book. 'And don't you f***ing forget, neither..!' screamed the inmate. :|

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20 minutes ago, silverfoxnik said:

Thanks @ped

4 sets of your finest Basschat merch received safe and sound this morning!

Soon to be fitted to my basses..




I tested several types of tape to find one that wouldn’t leave a sticky residue on the straplocks. I thought I’d cracked it, but this stuff seems to be a bit too sticky after all (maybe it’s the weather?) - either way it should be easy to remove compared to some of the tapes I tried. Maybe pop it in the fridge for a bit before you peel them off!!

Thanks for the order and enjoy!!

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14 minutes ago, MoonBassAlpha said:

Black one side,  orange on the other would be nice @ped

Yeah, the factory I used couldn’t do that though. I also asked about having the writing in black or sort of making it sandwiched. 

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49 minutes ago, steve-bbb said:

i ordered two sets of these fandangled strapons last weekend

where are they??? 🤔🤔🤔

I think Ped answered that in the post immediately above yours 🙂

15 hours ago, ped said:

I’m posting another batch this weekend - if you ordered from the 25th Feb you’ll be in this batch. Get your orders in by tomorrow night be be included!!

Looking forward to putting one set on the new bass, and posting another to a friend as a rather late Christmas present 🎅

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A Red Letter Day..! w1Qjdfz.gif

A packet from the UK arrived this morning, containing the precious straplocks, plus..! I immediately ceased all other activities and fitted them (well, one, for now...), and took a photo. Here it is ...


Wonderful..! No, I know that the 'Basschat' part can't be read, but when I'm asked, as I Shirley will be, what intriguing accessory I've fitted, I'll proudly reveal all to an astonished crowd of fans and fellow musicians. Effect guaranteed..! Thanks, Ped , for staying the course. You may sleep soundly tonight, with the comfort and satisfaction of having kept your eye on the ball. Great lanyard, too; I'll be the envy of our next gig. :friends:

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46 minutes ago, MoonBassAlpha said:

Nice hats! 2002s?

B| I have 2002's, but these are my Sound Edge 602's. Re-issues, of course; my originals didn't stand up to the rigours of variety band touring back in the '70s. I should have used the 2002's that I replaced them with a lot earlier. :$

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