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Yamaha BB3000 - MIJ - 1984 - Withdrawn for now

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I've owned this bass for about four years and I've really enjoyed it. Of late - it's spending a lot of time in the rack as I've began favouring five strings...

This is a great sounding bass and the build quality is immense. 

I replaced the P pickup with a BB2024 equivalent ordered from Yamaha. I have the original pickup which will be included in the sale. The BB2024 pup is hotter than the original, but the original one is fine and works great. The tuners are also replacement Schallers.

It's in 8/10 condition. A few dings here and there but nothing significant. There is a small part of the decal that has flaked off. 

Weight is 3.95kg

Made in Japan - 1984

Don't have the original case or any hardcase for that matter but I can ship in a Ritter gig bag + sturdy box and plenty of packaging.

I'll take a number of better pictures when there's a bit of sunlight as the black sparkle finish is really great and these images don't really do the bass any justice.





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Absolutely stunning.

I’m exactly £998 short.

This looks amazing 

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Made the mistake of playing this again and now I'm getting cold feet. Withdrawn for now...

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