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Sky Arts and other music related programmes


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the place to make recommendations for programmes on Sky Arts, preferable before they go out on Freeview, although not vital as they're usually repeated.

King Rocker is repeated next Saturday at 1.45, Trailblazers:Pub Rock, next Thursday at 2.45

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I watched the David Crosby documentary just this morning. Very interesting and incredibly sad at the same time,  I saw him in Manchester a couple of years ago with his phenomenal band and the whole concert was simply amazing even though I knew very few of the songs he played. 

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29 minutes ago, steantval said:

Tonight Saturday 13th February

7.00pm Kings of Leon live at the 02

9.00pm Muse - Drones World Tour

11.00pm Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams

Yep, a great musical night tonight on Sky Arts. I'm just watching the Moody Blues documentary. Great insight into a classic rock/pop band.


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2 minutes ago, wateroftyne said:

...also known as Pulse by Pink Floyd. Seriously - it was ridiculous.

I'll keep an eye out for that, just out of curiosity. 

I'd rather they just cut a song out midway, or some of the between song waffle. 

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I watched Brian Johnson and Mark Knopfler before Muse. I've seen it before but I love listening to MK talk about music. Such a calm, down to earth, humble bloke. There's a YouTube vid where he just talks about his guitars for fifteen minutes but it's just great, and really calming. 

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