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I don’t about you, but I think that Reggae has some of the grooviest bass lines there are. 

The bass is almost always very prominent and right in the pocket. 

I have made a video lesson to explore Reggae bass and to help you to start composing your own Reggae bass lines.

There are a few techniques which can help you to make your lines sound more authentic. 

I have left a couple of backing tracks running at the end of the video and you can also download a free pdf in the video description. 

I hope this helps anyone wanting to start playing Reggae bass. 


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5 hours ago, MartinB said:

Good stuff! I like the idea of phrasing things as a question-and-answer.

Glad you liked the lesson. I find that question and answer helps with structuring a bass line. You can use that idea for all styles but it works so well in Reggae. 

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