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Eliza Greene

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I'm not a bass player, but my brother plays double bass and in September he'll be going to a music conservatoire. Well, anyways, it's his birthday in early March and I want to buy him 2 

different types of rosin as he always complains about how bad his is. I'm going to by a Nymans, any suggestions for a good brand that's not too expensive?

Thanks so much :)

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On 04/02/2021 at 16:37, Eliza Greene said:

I'm going to buy a Nymans, any suggestions for a good brand that's not too expensive?

I use both Nymans and Carlsson and have recently bought the Carlsson from Caswells - they are both similar, but different enough to 'try'.

I have also used 'Pops' rosin, but it is a bit too soft for me.

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If he's going to do a lot of orchestral playing, you don't really need to look past Nymans, Kolstein All Weather or Pops. If you want some variety for chamber music and solo stuff, I really Like Jade L'Opera for that. It has a clarity to it that works really well in small ensembles. 

I've also heard very good things about Leatherwood Amber. It's not cheap, but when you order they send two cakes, so you can have two different formulations. I haven't used it yet, but I've just ordered some, so when it arrives and I've tried it I will report back.

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I settled on Pops for winter playing due to how soft the rosin was and switched to Nymans once the weather got hot and humid.

I could make do with pops all year though and just use the smallest amount in Summer. 

It's a rosin that really allows one to pull a big sound if required.


However Nymans lasts, Pops doesn't.

Buying online with Pops is tricky as you don't know how old the rosin is until you open it. I seem to remember they printed the manufacture date somewhere on the packet?

The difference between old and new pops is quite pronounced.

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I like Nymans, but dropped and smashed it.  Melted it back into a block but it isn't the same.  Got some Kolstein as a replacement ... comes in a nice gold container, but that's the best of it.  Go Nymans.

Hidersine do several different grades, used to like their stickiest for cold winter churches ... but it turns to toffee on a warm day.

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