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Aguilar DB751 + Head case £1300

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Hi all, 

Been putting off listing this for a while, but needs must. Purchased in off someone via reverb in 2020 for a booking with my backline company, but due to coronavirus its had absolutely zero use (Apart from in my home!) so needs most. 

Easily, in my opinion, the best amp going. But if you're interested in buying this I'm sure you already know that. The description from Aguilar...


The DB® 751 combines the legendary tube-driven tone of the DB® 750 with greater EQ control. A perfect combination of raw power and excellent tone, the DB® 751 continues the legacy set by the world famous DB® 750. Delivering 975 Watts at 2 ohms and 750 Watts at 4 ohms, this amp has the headroom you need to play any size venue.


Im ideally looking for a straight sale. I'd be interested in potential trades with at least £1000 my way. 

Any questions let me know. Better pictures to follow, but my camera on my phone is bust and that's bottom of the list right now! 

Happy to post wherever and have history of posting all over Europe.




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Posted (edited)
On 22/02/2021 at 14:07, Platypus said:

Absolute bargain price for an outstanding, almost new  amp!

I see in my original ad it looks like a purchased from new! So edited it. Just my bad wording, and want to be clear with any potential purchaser! Hasn't been outside in a very long time and is in great condition. 



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This is ridiculous!  Absolutely outstanding deal for IMO one of the finest bass amps ever conceived and built.  The weight of these is well worth the effort (and to be honest, they're not ridiculously heavy).  I've used some great Class D heads - some of the finest - but none has been in the same league for ground shaking power and tone.  I'm getting seriously tempted to get this as a second - stereo rig!  I doubt this can hang around much longer - fantastic price

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