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*SOLD Westone Thunder 1
WV149PU West Midlands

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Early model. Sounds great, if not meatier than my Precision. If I wasn’t a snob I’d sell my Fender instead. I think the factory fitted pickup is a Dimarzio which obviously creates that big warm sound. All notes balanced in volume. Knobs not original. You can see from the headstock the body was black but somewhere along the line someone did a pro job and stripped it.
I was thinking of buying a vinyl skin laminate for the front of the body but I can’t be bothered now. I’m losing heart a bit, even though I’ve just bought another MB head so I’m not going to give in/up. It will all kick off again hopefully around Autumn.


Coseley West Midlands















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Hmmm I was going to build myself a P style bass this spring but I doubt I could make anything that sounds as good as these do for anything like the asking price of this....very tempting.

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1 hour ago, prowla said:

Everybody should own a Thunder at some point in their bass-playing adventures.

if you are kicking 50ish like me i think everyone had one out of the range of thunders. all mistakenly very under rated and the phrase was `jap crap` i believe. funny how now its the other way around now and made in japan is highly prized! i dont remember how mine sounded especially as most amps i had at the time were a bucket of stinky poo as finances predicted but my 1a was fast as lightening and took me a long time to buy something to better it. silly money for a great bass glwts 

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14 hours ago, prowla said:

Everybody should own a Thunder at some point in their bass-playing adventures.


14 hours ago, adriansmith247 said:

Agreed. These basses are amazing, bulletproof and will only go up in value

I had a fretless thunder 1A back in 92 purchased from Johnny Roadhouse in Manchester 

Indeed, everyone should own a Westone at some point in their playing adventures... especially if they are of a "certain age" ;)
I had a Westone Thunder Jet, back in the day (After seeing the bassist from New Model Army playing one) - it was the only bass I ever bought brand new.
I sold it shortly before giving up (the first time) - the guy I sold it to still has it, and still rates it as the best he's ever owned :)

Great basses, and I'm amazed they haven't already increased in value, given how well they were made, the era & country they were made, and given how so many of us on here must have either owned, or wanted to own one over the years

GLWTS - shouldn't be around long - someone's going to get a nice bass for the money

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