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SOLD Gretsch G2220 Jnr Jet Bass II
Kendal UK


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A short 30" scale bass that is near new in condition and has been modified tastefully in several respects.


Schaller Bridge

Schaller Tuners

A Kiogan wiring loom converting VT and a 3 way pickup selector switch to a VVT configuration with matching Gretsch knobs

A thumb rest added between the pickups

Gretsch style strap locks

This bass plays extremely well and the finish and fretwork are excellent.

I do have the original tuners and I'm fairly certain that I can lay my hands on the original bridge too. Possibly the original wiring also.

Bathroom scale estimate 8 lbs

Strung with new Dunlop flats. I also have the original strings and some black D'Addario tape wounds that I can include.

Can be posted at cost but I may remove the neck to do so.













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