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The Gospel Thread.


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This is the thread for lovers of the fantastic world of Gospel. Old, New, it doesn't matter. This thread has no religious connotations. Its about music. 


Im not sure who played bass on this tbh. Sharray Reed is on the album credits. If there is one Gospel album to conquer them all its New Directions first album. Incredible stuff. The Perri Sisters stuff is also amazing.  This track is not the same as the album version. 



Please share what you know and I don't. 


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Oh yes, I've waiting for this thread to happen! I absolutely love watching band footage from City of Refuge. This is from bassist Bryan White's channel, but West Coast Vibes has loads of rehearsal clips too! There's nothing like watching these guys put everything they have into it.


I did my best attempt at Kirks tune last year... took more than a few takes that's for sure!


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39 minutes ago, Owen said:

Matthew Ramsey is laying it DOWN.


I play bass like that.


























In my dreams :(

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I have played lying down if that counts. 

It was during a drum solo, and the first floor window onto a patio roof of the pub was the only escape, so I feel it was justified. 

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On 24/01/2022 at 14:59, the_official_c said:

Hey all,


I did a gospel bass licks breakdown a few years ago here:




I’d love to do some more so let me know what you think and send some suggestions 🤝

Thanks Caleb, these look really useful. I would love to give you more suggestions, but these will keep me busy for longer than I want to admit to myself, let alone anynone else.

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