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Aguilar Octamizer - PRICE REDUCED - SOLD

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Decided to sell my trusty Aguilar Octamizer octave pedal. I've had this pedal for several years and love all the sounds this thing can make. Unfortunately it's just not getting the use it deserves at the moment. 

Condition is very good considering I've had it for some time now and it still works perfectly. Unfortunately the original box is long gone but I will make sure it is posted in a secure way.

These look to be about £175 new so at £90 I think this is a great deal.

UK postage included in price.


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I think the Octamizer is the most natural sounding octave pedal I've tried.

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    • By Embra
      I’m having a big clear of some seriously good bass pedals. All these pedals have never been gigged and come from a smoke-free environment. They will be posted via Royal Mail, insured and properly packaged in bubblewrap to keep them safe. All prices include postage.
      FEA Opti-Fet £240
      First off is an FEA Opti-Fet compressor which I bought direct from Frank in Feb 2017. It’s been a favourite since then but I’m struggling to justify keeping it (also have an Cali76 CB and an Empress Bass Compressor - despite the Opti-Fet’s gorgeous warm sounds, I really prefer comps with a blend knob).
      It’s never been gigged and comes from a smoke-free environment. Apart from the chips in the paint work you can see in the photos, it’s in excellent condition. Check out the great review in Ovnilab as well as the builder’s webpage here. For those of you with a ShiftLine Olympic, this compressor is sublime in its loop
      Broughton Audio Resonant Filter Equalizer £200
      Next up, another rarity from across the pond. Broughton Audio’s Resonant Filter Equalizer is an amazing HPF, LPF and mid EQ combo with resonance control on the filters. This is an amazing shaper of your bass sound helping to tighten up the low end and smooth out HF pedals like fuzz or synth. I also have a Broughton Studio One (which will never leave me) and the small Always On HPF and even though the RFE is the more versatile HPF/LPF, the other two are mainstays on my two boards and the RFE hasn’t been used in several months. It’s in excellent condition apart from a few scuff marks on the right side near the top (see photos).
      Damnation Audio MBD2 overdrive/distortion £180 (Sale Pending)
      A very versatile distortion pedal which excels at light overdrive as well as in-your-face distortion. Has a parallel clean channel too to keep the bass intact. I used it 99% for overdrive and it’s up there with the best I’ve used over the years. It’s in excellent condition.
      Aguilar Grape Phaser £130
      Lovely phaser with a very simply interface - just find your sound and forget it. Definitely not one for the knob twiddlers but if you just want one great phaser sound, this is your pedal. I tend to go through phases with my modulation choice (excuse pun) so this is on it’s way out to be replaced by a flanger (again…).
      Solidgoldfx Funklite £140
      Nifty little filter pedal in excellent condition. Lightly used and still looks new. From the website:
      Only three controls: Depth, Freq(uency) and Attack. A toggle switch changes the direction of the sweep. Depth adjusts the intensity of the filter sweep, from shallow cuts to deep scallops, while the Freq control adjusts the center frequency of the sweep. The Attack control adjusts two parameters at once—the sensitivity of the filter opening and the decay of the overall tone. As you might expect, these three controls are incredibly interactive, with a multitude of funktions on tap.

    • By MrT-Bass
      MXR M81 Preamp pedal - VGC with original box, etc... £100 + £5 shipping in UK
      Bank transfer preferred but Paypal (Friends & Family) could also work.

    • By MrT-Bass
      MXR M87 - Bass Compressor VGC with original box, etc...£120 + £5 shipping in UK
      Bank transfer preferred but PayPal (Friends and Family) could be fine too. 

    • By Marky Screen
      Very nice analogue octave.
      Absolutely huge subby down octave sound with a ton of volume on tap, much more in the meatbox camp than than the OC2 camp.
      Independent Tone controls for both the clean and octave sounds to really sculpt your sound.
      Excellent almost mint condition with box manual and rubber feet.
      Price includes UK postage

    • By johnbiffa
      Easter Price Drop/Offers £1500 ovno
      Decided 4 strings is enough for me so here goes: Now added P/X with cash option, More pics available
      A professionally reliced 5 string USA Marcus Miller Jazz, (refinish by Relic Arts guitars in France with matching headstock) and upgraded with the fabulous Sadowsky preamp with VTC and Aguilar 70’s Jazz pickups. Will come with original case and original boxed Fender pick ups if you want to put them back in. Widely considered to be best 5 string neck ever made by Fender and the Sadowsky massively improves on the Fender preamp, string spacing is a dream to play, sadly discontinued now rumoured to be due to production cost. Very nice weight and only issue is a missing grub screw on battery cover at rear, strung with Marcus Miller Stainless. Available to try or collect from near York , only interested in Sadowsky or Fender Custom Shop P Basses as a trade  and cash from me possible but only 4 strings and no baseball bat necks.
      More daylight photographs can be taken weather permitting just ask me to email them
      Happy to answer any questions

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