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For all the basses I have loved...

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11 minutes ago, Ricky Rioli said:

Surely a bannable offence?! 😳

Says a lot about how much he rates it though 

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1 hour ago, Kevsy71 said:

Arbiter 4001 copy, bought 1985. £135 from local music shop

Then a big gap until 2012, when the floodgates opened....and have only recently closed

JHS Stingray 'tribute'

Music Man Bongo

Sandberg California VS P custom build, 'Goldfinger'

ACG Über Recurve with ART maple

Limelight P in Sonic Blue

Limelight J in Fiesta Red

Fender 1979 P

Vintage Tony Butler P

Music Man Reflex Gamechanger

Fender CS faded surf green '64 P

Fender MIM P

Fender Classic 50s P

Fender Road Worn 50s P

Fender 1964  P

Xotic XP-1T

Vintage Icon relic fretless

Wal MK1, Olive Ash facings

Rickenbacker 1975 4001

Alembic MK

Music Man Classic Stingray

Alembic Essence

Fender CS Dusty Hill P Gold Top

Ibanez SRX 505 5

Maruszczyk Jake L4P

Fender Vintera 50s P

Fender Japan 62JB-75US CIJ Jazz Ocean Turquoise Metallic

Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile

Fender MIM Player Jazz

Fender CS Sean Hurley P

Fender Japan Jazz (black)

Xotic XJ-1T 5

Ken Smith BSR5EG

Moollon P

Yamaha TRBII 5

Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile

The one I still own is in bold :)

The ones I miss most are the Alembic, ACG, Wal and Fender '79 P.

The biggest surprise was the Xotic XJ-1T 5, so easy to play for a 4-stringer like me.

The ones in italics I've sold to Basschatters, having bought several from Basschatters too.

I let you guess when I joined Basschat ;)

Proof a solid p bass is all a bass player needs

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Proof a solid P bass is all that bass player needs

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Wow, some awesome stuff on here!

Here goes...

Mexican Fender Precision Bass - Red, White Scratchplate, Rosewood Fingerboard. Acquired at the tender age of 12, this bass was nearly as long as I was tall, and I've not grown much since. Sold to fund the Washburn below

Squier HM5 5 string - Metallic Blue, Rosewood Fingerboard. My first 5 string bass, and actually a really good instrument. I do regret moving it on. It too went so I could acquire a Washburn 6 string bass however. Seeing as these things are fairly rare, here it is in my parent's living room, in the very early 90's >>


Washburn MB6 6 string - Alder body, Rosewood Fingerboard. My first 6 string bass and I’ve never really looked back from having “too many strings”. Not a very exciting bass but well made bass and very much served a purpose. Sold to fund the Vester Jazz.

Homemade 6 string Fretless - I made a bit of a beast of a bass when I was 16, at evening classes reserved for Baroque instruments like dulcimers and weird oboes, but the teacher owed my Dad a favour and had been a bass player in a previous life, so he was interested to see what it was all about. Originally, it had a 2 piece Olive Ash body with a bolt on Wenge/Mahogany 3 piece neck and a raw Wenge fingerboard, EMG DC pickup, Schaller Tuners and a Wilkinson Bridge It was a 36” scale instrument, and even though it ended up being my main bass for several years, it was a struggle to play for long gigs or sessions and I eventually retired it, only for it to be resurrected and tastefully improved later on by none other than @Andyjr1515  who turned it into a 31.5” bass, as is my now preferred scale length, he chambered the body, added a sexy Katalox top, made a new 3 piece Mahogany/Walnut neck with an Ebony fingerboard and added a Warwick Bridge. It remains a permanent part of my stable, and always will. Read more about it here >>

Vester Jazz Bass - Glossy Black. 70’s style Jazz Bass copy, with a Tortoise Scratchplate, and Rosewood fingerboard. Really really nice jazz copy. Eventually got broken down for parts for project basses that never happened, and then sold off in bits.

Bassix Tinky Winky Purple Flying Vee Upright - Bit of a wild one, and not an experiment that stuck with me, but it was fun for a while. I have no idea what it was made of, but it was purple, with a maple fingerboard and black tape wound strings. Didn’t sound like an upright, didn’t sound like an electric bass, still very cool though and nicely made. Sold on this forum.

Fender Mexican Jazz Bass - Same spec as my Vester Jazz above. No better no worse, but didn’t really gel with it. Sold on.

Cheapie Spector - Super cheap bass, one of their entry level offerings in black. Not a great bass if I’m honest. Tried in for a decent flight case.

Warwick Thumb Bass BO 5 string - My first proper high end instrument, and also my heaviest! From the ear where Warwick were clearly also making Wenge Baseball Bats. Ovankol body, Wenge neck and fingerboard, insane weight, but your reward is a fantastic sound, heavier basses do sound better to my ears. Sold on to fund my Shuker 4 string below.

Shuker Single Cut 6 string - My first fairway into he world of custom basses. Amboyna drop top, on Ash, 5 piece Maple/Wenge neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 33” scale, EMG DC pickups and Shuker’s own 3 band EQ, which is a very nice circuit. With this being my first custom, I got a few things wrong, but I played it happily for several years and eventually moved it on, on this forum.

Shuker Jazz Bass - Gloss Black sexy wee thing. Black Walnut body, 5 piece Mahogany/Wenge neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 33” scale, EMVJV pickups. Modified with an ACG EQ02 preamp, and then sold on here, miss this one sometimes.

ACG Finn SC Classic 5 string - My first ACG, the start of an obsession. Swamp Ash body, Wenge neck, AI Bloodwood fingerboard, 33” scale, single RFB pickup and ACG EQ02 preamp. An amazing bass, and my main bass for some time. Eventually sold on to our very own @SiBob. Sorely missed.

ACG Finn SC Classic 6 string - Ziracote top, Wenge back on Ash, 5 piece Wenge/Flamed Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard, 33” scale, two SB pickups and a John East U Retro 3K preamp. Fantastic bass, but I had new ideas. Sold on here, can’t recall who too…

ACG Finn SC Classic 5 string fretless - Rose Myrtle on Spanish Cedar chambered body, 5 piece Maple/Bubinga set neck, Ebony fingerboard, 33” scale, 2 SB pickups and ACG EQ03 preamp. Absolutely incredible sounding and playing fretless bass, but moved on to The Netherlands to fund other things.

ACG Finn - Tulipwood on Alder body, Wenge neck and fingerboard, 33” scale, 2 FB pickups in slim casings, simple John East preamp. Lovely bass, but for some reason I just didn’t quite click with it, probably due to me being obsessed with Single Cut Basses. Sold on.

ACG Krell SC E-Type 5 string - Figured Maple on Ash, all coloured in Black, 5 piece Maple/Wnge/Purpleheart neck, Pau Ferro fingerboard, 33” scale, PB and RFB pickups and an ACG DFM preamp. Another amazing ACG but my interest in shorter scales meant I had to move it on. Another one sorely missed though. I did enquire about having Alan turn it into a 31.5” 6 string, but it was too much effort for all involved.

ACG Salace SC E-Type Headless 6 string - My first headless bass, and my first 31.5” bass too. Koa top, Mahogany back on a Spruce core, 3 piece Ash neck, Cocobolo fingerboard, 31.5” scale, 2 FB pickups and a John East Unipre preamp. An amazing sounding, and playing bass, so compact yet so rich in every capacity, for me anyway.

ACG Recurve - Mexican Kingwood on Black Limba body, 3 piece Ash/Wenge neck, Wenge fingerboard, 31.5” scale, PB and SB pickups and a John East/ACG P Retro preamp. Amazing little bass, and wish I could get back at some point. Very light, yet very gnarly sound. Sold on here.

ACG Krell SC E-Type Headless Fretless 6 string - To complement my fretted headless 6er, I had to have a fretless of course. Fractal Birch top on an extra thick chambered White Limba body with a thick Purpleheart veneer, 3 piece Wenge/Purpleheart set neck, Macassar Ebony fingerboard with Purpleheart and Maple lines, 31.5” scale, 2 FB pickups, hard wired in Parallel and an ACG DFM preamp. I absolute adore this bass too.

ACG Finn SC Classic 6 string - Pretty much the bass I would’ve bought when I ordered my first bass from ACG, had I known what I know now. Black Limba body, Wenge neck, Pau Ferro fingerboard, 31.5” scale, single RFB pickup and a John East Unipre. Simple 6 string workhorse with a really solid punchy tone.

ACG TKO Modern - Awesome, more traditional sounding bass for me. Flamed maple on White Limba, coloured in a little bit black, 3 piece Ash neck, also coloured in black, Rosewood fingerboard 30.5” scale, reverse PB pickup and passive Vol/Tone controls. String up with TI Flats and it’s a real vintage sounding beastie.

ACG RetroB 5 string - Super Jazz on steroids. Flamed Maple on Swamp Ash body, 3 piece Maple/Wenge neck with Cocobolo fingerboard and AI Maple blocks, 2 SB pickups and John East Unipre preamp. Simply divine. I’ve always hankered for a super jazz bass in looks and sound but never managed to get something sorted, but here it is now!

ACG Mikro ChubstRR 6 string - Crazy little bass with a 26.5” scale, bit of a mad idea, but it just works! Flamed maple top and back on White Limba body, coloured din a bit black, 5 piece Maple/Bubinga neck, AI Maple fingerboard, 26.5” scale, 2 FB pickups in slim cases, John East Unipre preamp. Currently strung up E to F, but I have some custom strings on the way from Newtone so I can try this tuned B to C.

Phew, that is a hell of a lot of basses!

Trying not to not sell anything now, and just accumulating until I’m found out ;) 


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On 18/01/2021 at 23:40, AndyTravis said:

@PatrickJ and I were talking about how many basses I’ve got through.

We had a laugh, I shared ridiculous purchases (the Samick I bought when bladdered which I then Sold to @lee650 the next day) among others...

So - from memory...

Kay precision - gifted by a family member, was firewood, basically...
Yamaha bb300 Japan - Bought in May 1997 for £99 in Sound Control - I resprayed it, shoved a mudbucker in it, stupid move. Sold to a mate...
Washburn xb100 - Bought from A1 Music in Manchester, it was transitioning to Academy Of Sound, I’d actually gone to buy a Hohner B2A I’d seen that week, but it’d sold
Jackson c5p - Bought by my uncle for me, ended up owning this 3 times, used as PX fodder towards a USA jazz, bought back and then sold...and then given back to me and then sold...
Schecter model t Robert DeLeo - Used money from Saturday job, took ages to pay off, had it a week, returned it and traded with Jackson c5p towards Jazz bass
Fender American standard jazz bass - traded two basses for it, found I snapped g strings on it - probably poor technique at the time...this was at Sound control
Warwick corvette - Traded the jazz for this, kept it for years, played it up until 2009 when I sold it, this was at Academy of Sound
Spector NS-94 - bought from the short lived Manchester bass centre. Had LED’s in the neck, bought on the day I saw the blue Tune bass I’ve got on the way...swapped for an amp at Spectrum Music in Whitefield.
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass - First Purchase when I worked for Dawson’s, kept it for about 5 years, sold to Nick Smith
Epiphone Jack Casady - Lovely thing, sold to @Etienne
Fender 50’s classic P - Bought for me by a girlfriend, was a nice bass...
Fender Japan 62P - Bought from Ishibashi, never got on with it. Lives in Oldham now.
Fender 75 Jazz FSR limited - Lovely thing, sold to @LukeFRC
Squier 83 Japan p/j - Wish this was still here, miss it hugely. Still belongs to a basschatter, who won’t sell it back 😞
Jackson c20 - bought on a whim, returned shortly thereafter, just not as nice as the c5p
Hohner B2A - got one eventually, took to Edinburgh and sold to a basschatter while I was drunk on a stag do - great bass.
Rickenbacker 4003 - Never meet your heroes, couldn’t get on with it. Kept in a case and sold.
Musicman Stingray 3eq Piezo - Great bass, absolutely skinted myself to buy this...
Musicman Bongo HH - Bought for my 21st Birthday, sold in dark times...
Hofner Violin “cavern” - Sold to the same guy who has my old blue Japanese 62p, bought silly cheap, sold for not much more...
Jaydee Supernatural - Another “never meet your heroes” moment - didn’t make sense in the band I was in, sold at a loss
Ken Smith Burner Artist - Lasted a week, gutted...my ex announced £1000’s in debt the day it arrived, sold nearly every bass I had to resolve
Musicman Stingray Classic - Got for my 29th (I think) second best stingray I owned, but definitely the nicest one.
Musicman Stingray 2eq - Trying to recoup the stingray classic I missed, not as nice
Status Kingbass Artist - Got this from @MB1 who relieved me of a Stingray Classic; found the body and scale too small...
Status Groove Bass - arrived damaged, but a great bass, sold cheaply, would love a 4
Fender Geddy Lee Japan - Bought on a whim, sold soon after, loved how it looked, neck too skinny...
Fender Nate Mendel - Mega light, lovely bass, replaced bits on it and then sold to @lee650
Sandberg California 5 - didn’t get on with it, bought in a rush as the Stingray 5 I was after had sold...
Yamaha TRB5p2 - should’ve tried harder with this, beautifully made, just heavy and a bit uninspiring.
Fender Roscoe Beck V - Bonkers thing, great great bass - again, would like a 4 string version 
Peavey g bass - thought it’d be like a Flea bass, wasn’t...looked ace though
peavey gv bass (owned this twice) - Great bass, I sold because I stopped playing 5’s
Self build plexiglass P - crazy heavy, 14-15lbs
Self build p/j with limelight neck - great bass, swapped for BEX4c
Self build p/j duck Dunn - lovely thing, was proud of this...
Farida j fretted - still here, made for me when I worked for their uk distributor 
Farida j fretless - as above...Ebony board
Farida fjb6 red - a project I never started, bought and sold within a week
Farida fjb6 white - Used for the neck I still have and sold with a fretless board
Mike Lull 5 jazz - Excellent bass, one of the nicest 5’s I’ve ever played 
Fender mex p/j deluxe - should’ve kept this, nice bass
Fender roger waters - Not for me, made it into a 57 black’n’gold thing. Swapped for geddy no.2
Fender geddy Lee mex - nicer than the Japan one I had, didn’t last though...
Fender custom shop 64 relic jazz (twice) - bought from @three, sold to @binkybongo (who was the original owner...) and then sold back to Loz...then I bought it back From Bill...very odd. Nicest Jazz ever...now belongs to @Normski
Fender custom shop 64 NOS - meh, traded for 2 basses at GBBL.
Fender custom shop 55p relic - Excellent bass, sold to @Beedster - was made for the CS trade stand at Musikmesse
Fender 1977 p - lovely thing, best late 70’s I’ve seen/played...
Fender 1975 p - great old P, comfy, barky, woody...
Fender Japan Fretless P 70’s - Heavy, but gorgeous sold to @mcnach 
Fender PBAC fl - Bought out of curiosity, nice thing.
Fender power jazz special - Lovely, no need for it though really...
Epiphone thunderbird classic - bought at a crack converters, loved it but looked silly on me
Epiphone thunderbird non reverse - bought because I wasn’t sure how stupid I could look twice over...
Dearmond star fire - Just 🤷🏻‍♂️, looked ace, can’t remember much about it...
Sadowsky metro J - Mega Bass, wanted a P/J
Sadowsky metro p - Still here, love it
Status guy pratt - loved it, couldn’t justify with the Sadowsky being so lovely (and similar) and to cover a bill 🙄
Status smart bass - Looked great, sounded great - hated the ‘square’ feeling neck...
Epiphone jack Casady blue - to replace the gold one I should’ve kept. It’s ace.
Spector Euro 435lx - Brilliant bass, flippin loved it. Sold because a car went pop. Turns out I could’ve kept it.
Fender Marcus Miller white - now with @bassfan
Fender Marcus Miller natural (refin) - Went mad on this, spent silly money doing it up and fitting posh guts...just wasn’t as special in the end and I preferred it as a stock bass, should’ve just had a respray done and kept everything else stock, lost its character 
Modulus Flea Bass - Still beating myself up over this, don’t talk about it
Yamaha bb200 - bought for the neck, arrived damaged, sold cheap
Yamaha bb300 - To replace my original bb300, was ace, sold to @bigsmokebass
Yamaha bb350f - what the 200 neck was for...should’ve kept it, nice bass, just needed frets
Yamaha bb425x - decent workhorse 
Yamaha bb415 - as above, both did plenty of gigs
Yamaha bb1100s 1986 - dreamboat, second favourite BB I’ve ever owned
Yamaha bb1100s 1988 - not as nice as other one
Yamaha bb1024x - Hard to discuss 
Yamaha bb614 - recorded with this, nice
Yamaha bb414 - This bass makes me smile
Yamaha bbg4a2 - 🤷🏻‍♂️ Nice enough, bland...
Musicman 1994 stingray 2eq - Best Stingray ever...sold because I’m a tit
Godlyke disciple - Should’ve kept it, just an absolute banger...went to @bassfan when I got his Flea...easily one of the best put together basses I’ve owned.
Washburn sb40eq - Mental Graceland esque bass, sounded ok, sold to a guy who runs a Washburn museum in America 😳
Aria sb700 - FFS, should’ve kept. It was pristine.
Aria sb1000 - Alright, preferred the 700 in the end.
Aria Steve Bailey - Bought in haste, sold at a similar pace, turns out it was a scarce pre production bass. Still 🤷🏻‍♂️
Guild b30e - best acoustic bass I owned, bar none
Tacoma thunder chief - arrived smashed from Mansons, gutted
Fender mex 60’s burgundy FSR - nice, but got the CS so fell out of favour 
Sigma acoustic bass - decent cheap ABG
Yamaha attitude special - great bass, the purchase was laboured and got messy and the seller absolutely soured the whole experience and I sold it on after 2 months because it did my head in that I’d given a scoundrel cash for it
Yamaha attitude standard pink - great bass
Yamaha attitude standard black - Just, a bit nicer than the pink, dunno why
Yamaha attitude plus - Was sent back, unfortunately 
Yamaha bb714bs - Sold to the wonderful @leemarseillebass - should’ve kept it but these things happen
PRS EBIV - Again, never gave it a chance, and I would probably enjoy it more now. Nice thing...
Yamaha rbx360 (think it was a 350) - got it cheap, did it up, sold it...
Fender Stu Hamm Urge - too little
Self build billy sheehan wife bass - Madder than a box of frogs, needed a push across the finish line, sold to @ceteraat a significant loss 😂
Yamaha BEX4c - Lovely thing, useless for the band I was in, sold, regretted 
Hohner Bbass natural - corking bass
Hohner Bbass Black (still have this at a mates) - bought for buttons and was ultimately bollocksed, is now sanded to bare wood (maybe primed) and is just a body and neck...should actually finish it
Fender AVRI 62P - sold, don’t know why, a nice bass
Fender Roadworn Jazz - bought when I had a period without the 64 CS. Lovely thing
Danelectro 59dc bass - Chased, chased and chased, got one - sounded like 60’s soundtrack basslines...sold when I realised the body was too small
Breedlove 5 string bass - Did 3 gigs with a soul singer, sold it at a loss
Ibanez BTB676 - taken in trade against TRB5PII, just too many strings, took ages to sell too...
Gear4Music acoustic 5 (defretted) - just messing about with defretting, worked out well, sold it and made money
Samick HFB-590 - 2 bottles of merlot, eBay and idiot at the helm...sold the day it arrived to @lee650
Oldfield acoustic bassstolen by a crackhead, best thing for it...used to replicate a double bass on the cheap, the trubass strings were probably worth more...

And a Tune bass arriving this week.

please...if you can...share your list of shame.

and if you’ve bought a bass from me, and it’s not on the list, please mention it.

im so ashamed.

never once have I said any of this has made me a good bass player.

Do you maintain a database., or is that just what you can remember? 🤣


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1 hour ago, Stub Mandrel said:

Do you maintain a database., or is that just what you can remember? 🤣


That’s from memory 

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Westone Thunder I. 

Great first bass. Easyish to play sounded nice.

Fender USA precision sunburst (90s).

Felt massive compared to the westone. Really wide neck. Sounded good though.

Westone Quantam Headless.

Quite small and compact to play. Decent sound. Looked good.

Bitsa jazz.

Spent a fair bit on this. Lovely colour, a reddish sunburst type. SD quarter pounds. Heavy. TTfunk logo on the headstock.

Shine white jazz.

Cheap, but ok back up.

Rockinbetter Rick copy.

Played this in a function band. Decent sound. Looked cool.

Arbiter double neck guitar and bass.

A rare find. Way to austentatious to play live though. I quite liked the humbucker sound. Couldnt play guitar for love nor money, so a pointless purchase.

Shine telecaster bass.

Horrendous neck dive. So bad it couldnt be played.

Yamaha BB424x metallic red.

Loved it. Looked real cool. Sounded great and had a number of great sounds in it.

Yamaha BB424 black.

Not as cool as the 'x' version, lacked a bit of mojo, but nice bass.

Vintage v4bl in black.

Great value. Converted it into an all black and gold p bass for a tribute band. Sounded good.

Vintage V4 icon sunburst relic.

Very light. Good pick ups. Looked ok, but obviously not relic'd. Just painted on.

G&L l100 natural.

Great bass. Heavy ish but quality. Good sound. Would last forever.

G&L M2000.

I found it very hard to play as I kept hitting the humbucker as I was used to a p bass. Sounded real nice. Sold because if the batteries went the bass stopped working altogether. A bad design fault imo.

Fender FSR 70s precision midnight black and gold.

A work of art. Looked beautiful. Sounded amazing, very raw and bite like. Very light. Slight neck dive, but easily manageable.

Sire v7 burgundy.

Lovely bass in every way. Looked stunning. Sounded stunning. Had a wealth of controls. Worked passive and active.

Sire v7 lake placid blue.

As above.

Sire p7 sunburst.

Did not like it and had to return it. Even though it had been set up it had neck buzz issues eventually making it very annoying. Knobs felt flimsy. Sound wasnt brilliant. Shame as I so wanted it to be as good as the v7.

Burns bison black.

Great looking, heavy bass. Completely unique sounds in it. Certainly not meant to be a plodding along type of bass. I had a strap pin fitted into the point of the bull horn as the standard one on the back of the body made the bass fall away from you when playing. Slight buzz issues in some settings due to the tri pickups, but not heard when playing. I'm just not sure it would stand up to long term touring. Also it's a standard neck length, BUT, the neck isnt fitted deep into the body like other basses so you're about 2 to 3 frets out from the normal position, making it a longer stretch to get to the first few frets.

Fender Player precision sunburst.

Fantastic bass. Very comfortable. Great looks. Great sounds. Great price point.

Westfield purple sparkle precision.

Love the finish on this. It's a rare sparkle purple finish which would cost twice as much as the entire bass and a black pickguard. Parts are fairly cheap but useable. Eventually I'll add a geezer wiring loom and pick ups and give it a whirl gigging.

Harley Benton pb51.

Picked this up a bit worse for wear as a cheap 2nd bass for gigging in dodgy venues. Added a logo. Added a white pb51 scratchplate. Looks good. Sounds ok. Cost next to nothing.

Spector legend 4 holoflash.

Genuinely, I think the spectors are the best built basses I've ever gone near. They're just a work of art. Beautiful design and the build quality and finish is devine. Lots of different sounds available and very very comfortable to hold and play. This holoflash finish is so different to anything I've ever seen.

Spector legend 4 black cherry.

As above. But less flashy!


So... out of that list the ones I have a little yearning for, considering the sound, look and mojo, and would buy back in a heartbeat are....

Yamaha BB424x metallic red.

Fender FSR 70s midnight black gold.

Fender Player P bass sunburst (still have it).

Both spectors.

Sire v7 in burgundy.



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Basses I've owned...far,far,  too many  - perhaps around 140 ish+ - sure i have forgotten some, highlighted are the ones i miss dearly.


1.     Stingray Special H Aqua Sparkle

2.     Stingray H 97’s Teal 3Eq    

3.     Stingray H 88 Natural

4.     Stingray H 89 Black

5.     Stingray H 2002 Piezo/Blue

6.     Stingray H 90’s Blueburst

7.     Stingray H 2000’s Wine red,

8.     Stingray H 90’s Black

9.     Stingray HH white

10.  Stingray H 79’ Maroon

11.  Stingray 5 H Sunburst

12.  Sterling Stingray H white

13.  Sterling Stingray H 34CA Cream

14.  Stingray Sub USA H Black

15.  Stingray Sub USA H Maroon

16.  Stingray Sub 5 USA Blue

17.  Sub Sterling Stingray Red

18.  Sabre Classic 2014 Natural

19.  MM USA Sterling Blue



20.  Sandberg VM 4 California Black

21.  Sandberg Bullet Blue

22.  Sandberg Classic Booster customer orangeburst

23.  Sandberg Electra VS4 P Black



24.  P 2012 Sunburst

25.  P 2016 Sunburst

26.  P Highway Black

27.  P Silver – Mex

28.  P 1979 black

29.  P Classic 50 Sunburst - Mex

30.  P Nate Mendel

31.  P MIJ 57 Black


32.  Fender Jazz Special 87 P/J White

33.  Fender MIJ 51 RI Blonde


34.  J 1974 Natural

35.  J Marcus Miller

36.  J Fender Flea Mex pink

37.  J 75 USA Reissue

38.  J 2007’s Sunset orange

39.  J 90’s Red

40.  J 2016 Sunburst

41.  J 5 LPB 90’s

42.  J American series white

43.  J MIJ 62 Sunburst

44.  J MIJ 62 Turquiose/LPB

45.  J 2004 Mex – White


Lakland Skylines

46.  5501 Black

47.  5501 Natural

48.  5501 Natural/pickguard

49.  5502 Natural

50.  JO 5 LPB

51.  JO5 Sunburst

52.  DJ 4 LPB

53.  DJ 5 Black

54.  Duck Dunn Maroon

55.  44-6 4White P/J

56.  44-60 Black P

57.  Decade



58.  TRB2 5’s Sunset

59.   TRB 5 Sunset

60.  TRB 4 Blue

61.  TRBX 304 Silver/mint

62.  BB425

63.  BB200

64.  BB ? Fretless



65.  P 83 JV

66.  VM 4 jazz Natural x 2

67.  Classic Vibe 50’s LPB

68.  P sunburst Affinity P

69.  Fretless J Sunburst



70.  Thumb 2006 Brown

71.  FNA 90’s black

72.  Corvette 90’s Bubinga

73.  Corvette 2000 Ash

74.  Corvette $$ Ash

75.  Fortress 96’ Green

76.  Streamer S1 2017 Natural






77.  Rebob 4  - Orange

78.  Euro – Maroon

79.  Legend 4 Grey

80.  Legend 5 Blue

81.  Coda 5



82.  TR Blue

83.  BTB 6 string Natrual

84.  SR500 Brown

85.  SR900 Natrual

86.  Musician MC900 Brown

87.  Musician MC924 White

88.  Studio


89.  1975 Rickenbacker 4001

90.  Marvit Apofi 4

91.  Marvit Jazz Maroon burst

92.  Bass collection Profile P bass

93.  Bass collection SB310 5 Blue

94.  Bass Collection SB320 4 Honey

95.  Sire V7 5 Mk1 J White  

96.  Sire V3 5 Brown

97.  Peavey Foundation

98.  Cort GB-5 Custom

99.  Tanglewood FPB 24 P bass

100.                 Status Groove 4 Black

101.                 Aria ProII SB1010 Black

102.                 Aria GT Blue

103.                 Aria Pro II Fretless Sunburst

104.                 Jonas Hellbourg Sounds of Sweden 27 fret natrual

105.                 Epiphone Thunder bird Sunburst

106.                 Gibson EB 2014 White

107.                 Atelier  - Z Jazz Natural

108.                 Van Der End Jazz Sunburst


109.                 Vintage Stingray copy Natural

110.                 Hohner B-Bass 4 Natural

111.                 Hohner B-bass 5 Natural

112.                 Hohner Jack Natural

113.                 Hohner Cricket bat 4 black

114.                 Hohner Cricket bat 5 brown

115.                 Hohner J Pro fretless white

116.                 Limelight 70’s P white

117.                 Limelight 70’s P black

118.                 Steinberger Synapse 5 Blue

119.                 Scott hand built Jazz

120.                 SX P Black

121.                 Tobias Pro Brown

122.                 Ryder P Blue

123.                 Fernandes J 5 Sunburst

124.                 Stagg fretless


125.                 Harley Benton Jazz fretless sunburst

126.                 Farida P Natural

127.                 Washburn XB 600 string black

128.                 Redsub fanfret 6 string Pink burst

129.                 Vox fretless white shadow

130.                 Fender Kingsman Acoustic

131.                 Cort Acoustic

132.                 Aria fretless acoustic

133.                 Clarissa Acoustic

134.                 Countryman Ukulele bass


At least 10 Bitsa’s

2 uprights and 4 EUB's

....and that folks is why i'm skint :D

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7 minutes ago, Raslee said:

103.                 Aria Pro II Fretless Sunburst

that's there one you sold me?  With Shadow pickups ? 

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2 minutes ago, LukeFRC said:

that's there one you sold me?  With Shadow pickups ? 

Gosh, yeah that was a long time back - 2009 ish? That was a great fretless that one - those pickups are brilliant.

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Mine is embarrassingly short compared to you GAS - infected monkeys 

sadly gone 

90s musima white white maple P. Lovely bass that I stupidly made fret less and changed stuff.

aria magna pro 2 5 string - too big for my hands but a lovely bass

Jap j 62 reissue (3tsb and tort naturally) - lovely in OE condition 

still have ... 

vintage EST96A in trans yellow. Stingray 3eq clone - Punches above its weight. A nice bass 

bassdoc built P 70s style. (3tsb and tort naturally)  Still have it, haven’t changed a thing as it was perfect from day 1. Except i reliced it using Adam Clayton’s sunburst P as a model and I now love it more 

home made J stack knob in Olympic white, rosewood TORT and fake blocks - see my build thread - self relicing as the super thin nitro is crazing nicely 


Edited by Geek99
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Go on then! might have missed a few, will edit and add photos when I get time

1.       No name P bass – sunburst, my first bass, bought from a scruffy shop in Farnworth in 1977 ish

2.       1972 Fender Telecaster bass – bought from Salford Jets bass player

3.       JD supernatural 4 – it was an 80’s thing

4.       No name defretted P bass

5.       Warwick Fortress 4 – honey violin

6.       Warwick Jazzman 4 – blue

7.       Warwick Jazzman4 – honey violin

8.       Warwick Jazzman 5- honey violin

9.       Warwick streamer stage 1 4 – blue

10.   Warwick streamer stage 1 5 - natural

11.   Warwick Streamer stage 2 4 -  red

12.   Warwick corvette 4 – natural

13.   Warwick dolphin pro 1 5, but might have been a 4, can’t remember

14.   Warwick dolphin pro 2 4 – blue

15.   Conklin Bill dickens 7 – Natural, seemed like a good idea at the time

16.   Alembic Epic 4 – imported from USA when exchange rate was good

17.   Alembic Mark king 4 – serious neck dive

18.   Musicman stingray 2005 limited edition buttercream 4 – lovely!

19.   Musicman stingray 2005 limited edition buttercream 4 – #2

20.   Musicman stingray NAMM special – damn!

21.   Musicman stingray 20th anniversary 4

22.   Musicman stingray 4 – teal green

23.   Musicman stingray 4 – was white, refinished in VW niagra blue

24.   Musicman stingray 5 HH – white with white p/up covers, very white!

25.   Musicman sterling 4  – sunburst

26.   Musicman sterling 4 HH – sunburst

27.   Musicman sterling 4 – was blue, refinished in sonic blue nitro

28.   Musicman caprice 4 – sunburst, I would like to find a diamond blue and do a neck swap, will create sunburst with maple and diamond blue with rosewood, neither was an option from EB

29.   Fender deluxe jazz fretless 4 (USA) – lake placid blue

30.   Fender custom classic jazz 4 – blue

31.   Fender custom classic jazz 4 – seafoam green

32.   Fender custom shop 64 limited edition 4 – pale sonic blue

33.   Fender FMT 4 (USA) – red sort of colour

34.   Fender victor bailey 4 – natural

35.   Fender Jazz MIJ 4 – black

36.   Modulus Jazz 4 - sunburst

37.   Sandberg cali ‘ VM4 - sunburst

38.   Lakland DJ4 – silver, I think

39.   Lakland hollow body with fretless and fretted necks – red

40.   Lakland Duck Dunne P bass 4 - Red

41.   Italia Maranello 4 – blue / green (I’m colour blind)

42.   Pedulla pentabuzz fretless 4 – red, perfection

43.   G&L fretless 5 – green

44.   Bass collection (japan) fretless 5 – natural, exceptional quality

45.   Gretch hollow boby 4 – red

46.   Gibson midtown hollow body 4 – black, the only Gibson bass I’ve ever owned

47.   Aria acoustic 4 – blue

48.   Sei jazz 4 – natural coffee table type wood

49.   Sei Jazz 4 – seafoam green, made for Randy hope Taylor

50.   Sei jazz 5 – white, made for Paul Turner – trying to retrieve this one

51.   Overwater fretless 6

52.   Status series 2000 – black

53.   Iceni fretless 4 – sunburst

54.   NS wav 4 - brown

55.   NS wav4 – black

56.   NS WAV omni 4 – brown

57.   GB spitfire 4 – red

58.   GB rumour 4 – natural

59.   Sire jazz fretless 4 – black

60.   Sire Jazz fretless 4 – black, sold #53 and bought this one last week (Feb 2021)

Edited by sshorepunk
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Posted (edited)

With bags of time on my hands, I thought I'd make up my list of 25 into a pictorial representation. All the photos are of the actual instruments, except the Yamaha BB300, RBX270, the Westone Thunder II and the MiM Jazz Fretless, which are the nearest ones I can match to my memory from the net. They are, as near as dammit, in order of acquisition (maybe one or two are out of sequence). Of these only the Maruszczyk Elwood Ls, the Rob Allen MB2 and JMJ Mustang (only 2 weeks old) remain.

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 16.11.21.png

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 16.12.03.png

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 16.12.37.png

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 16.13.04.png

Edited by ezbass
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That Double-P has made me go proper funny all over... 😍

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Posted (edited)
7 minutes ago, Muzz said:

That Double-P has made me go proper funny all over... 😍

It was a fab sounding beast too. It was one of the first run of Roadworns with an additional Seymour Duncan and Hipshot D Tuner fitted (plus other cosmetic shenanigans). The problem was, it was so light in the body that it had horrific neck dive (not helped by the chunky neck and D Tuner), which meant it gave me horrible shoulder pain. I will definitely revisit a double P at some juncture as it's the greatest sound IMO. A pair of Nordy Big Splits might be order of the day when that time comes - mmm.

Edited by ezbass

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Modest entry:

  • Squier VM Jazz Bass in Sunburst - First bass, sold with Babicz bridge.
  • CIJ Fender PB62 - Really should have kept this.
  • 86 MIJ JB75 - Modded by BassDirect and sold for far too little.
  • MIA Standard P - Decent bass, but a bit dull. Sold on here.
  • 80s ESP fretless PJ - Turns out I’m not a fretless guy. Sold on here.
  • 78 P Bass - Current bass. Loud and heavy, does the job.
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32 minutes ago, ezbass said:

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 16.12.03.png


that Roscoe beck looks nice - not seen one in that colour before

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8 minutes ago, LukeFRC said:

that Roscoe beck looks nice - not seen one in that colour before

If J width necks were my thing, I think that'd still be with me.

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Let's see if I can remember them all...

Kay Precision

Westone Raider

Aria Pro II SB Special II

Westone Thunder 1A

Washburn MB4

Tobias ?

EBMM StingRay 2EQ

Aria Pro II SB 1000

Aria Pro II SB Special II

EBMM StingRay 2EQ

Fender Jazz MIM

Rickenbacker 4003

Fender Modern Player Jazz MIC

Rockinbetter 4003

G&L L2000 Tribute

Rockinbetter 4003

Tokai Thunderbird

Bass Collection Californian

Custom Walnut Faker

Rickenbacker 4003

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Only just picked up on this thread. I thought I’d had a few basses but clearly not. Wow!

I’ll try to get my list together 🤔.


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On 10/03/2021 at 16:21, ezbass said:

With bags of time on my hands, I thought I'd make up my list 25 into a pictorial representation. All the photos are of the actual instruments, except the Yamaha BB300, RBX270, the Westone Thunder II and the MiM Jazz Fretless, which are the nearest ones I can match to my memory from the net. They are, as near as dammit, in order of acquisition (maybe one or two are out of sequence). Of these only the Maruszczyk Elwood Ls, the Rob Allen MB2 and JMJ Mustang (only 2 weeks old) remain.

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 16.11.21.png

I'm honoured that the Westone Thunder II pic you found was mine. :D 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Stingray5 said:

I'm honoured that the Westone Thunder II pic you found was mine. :D 

Cool, as was the other one that I cropped and cloned out. I do have a picture of mine (it’s almost identical) but it’s not really usable.


PS. I hope you don’t mind.

Edited by ezbass
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30 minutes ago, ezbass said:

PS. I hope you don’t mind.

Not at all. My rental fees are very low! :D;) 

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On 28/01/2021 at 16:54, martthebass said:

2004 US Precision.  Decided to go simple. Nice bass, couldn't hear the damn thing in a band setting so it had to go.

Wow...would love to know why you couldn't hear a P bass in a band situation. 

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