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For all the basses I have loved...

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@Doctor J those Wingers just needed an EMG PJ / circuit upgrade. Great, lightweight, comfortable basses....

I'm guessing you still have the Ibanez SR900 then? Always fancied one of those or the higher grade ones with EMGs etc but you don't see them around much over here. Let me know if you ever decide to move it on...

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2 minutes ago, Doctor J said:

Today might be your lucky day. This is the first one I've seen available since I got my one



Cheers! Looks great...
But at £860 inc shipping but plus import fees/VAT etc there's no way that bass is worth that....! I don't think he'd appreciate an offer of half that value ;)


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OK, I think this is all of them and that they're in order. There's about a 15 year gap between the first 2 and the third one (I was lured back to dark, 6 string side for a good while). The ones that I still own are in bold, although the Jake is for sale (shameless plug :)and I’m hoping to get a JMJ Mustang with the proceeds from that.

Yamaha BB300

Westone Thunder 3

Yamaha RBX

Fender USA Jazz

Fender MIM Jazz fretless

MM USA SUB (later defretted)

Fender USA Precision

MM USA Stingray

MM USA Stingray 5

Fender Roscoe Beck Signature 4 string

Fender 1963 Precision

Fender Roadworn (with added P pickup)

Sandberg Basic VM

MM Sterling Ray34

Fender Victor Bailey Acoustic

Lakland 5502

Ibanez GWB35

Ibanez SR505

Ibanez SR1605

Rob Allen MB2

Rickenbacker 4003s

Maruszczyk Elwood L custom, fretless (1xMM)

Maruszczyk Elwood L custom (JJ)

Maruszczyk Jake L

Fender JMJ Mustang

The ones I still own are in bold,

Edited by ezbass
Edited for list update.
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I'm not sure if I could remember all mine. Not sure if that's an indication of a poor memory or of owning too much gear. 😳

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It would be interesting to see how many were pre/post joining Basschat, and the timescale of pre/post Basschat. 

Example: Out of the 27 in my list. 

6 in 15 yrs pre BC

21 in 10 yrs post BC. 

Not blaming anything you understand of course, oh no, it's not this bloomin' place is it!? 


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I'd owned 5 in total over a 10 year period before joining here

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some great lists here, I sometimes think I've had a lot but some of you guys are really on it

anyway this is a list of my basses come and gone

I probably have a similar guitar list too😂 


Tempest SG  my first bass and basically a Kay SG bass. Pretty good IIRC
 Fender Musicmaster  2nd bass. Kept for about 6 months till I bought my manson
 Manson Explorer   Bought from Livewire in cardiff, It had dots on the horns. Heavy
 Aria SB-R150  Bought from Peter Cook himself in Hanwell
 Voc white shadow  This was black with red binding and fretless. Tremendous bass
 Aria XRB Another great bass
 Fender P black/maple My first P bass. Swapped a Manson 335 for it. Light for a late 70s bass. Found a video of a gig from 1988 with this bass.
 Guild B301 As somebody else put, Meh!!
 Hamer Scrarab Looked great, played great just didn't get a great sound
 Hohner B2A Again, Meh!
 Fender P bass white Awesome. Late 70s, found in a loft. Finish was cracked and crazed. Swapped it for the Hamer Scarab
 JD Mark King Amazing quality. Couldn't get a decent sound from it at all
 Wasburn B2V Can't remember what this was like
 Fender P 62 USA Another cracker. Sold it to go on Holiday to Zimbabwe. My 73 is a better bass, so I sold the 62
 Fender P RI 62 Early reissue. Had EMG p/up. De fretted it, refretted it, then sold it
 ESP Jazz bass From 1990. was electric blue and fretless
 Epiphone Semi Can't remember much about this.
 Manson Explorer 2 2nd one I've owned. Had an abelone tiger inlay. Refinished it to candy apple blue and put seymour 1/4 pounders in it
 Crocket 5 string Hand made by Andy Crockett. Warwick streamer shape, mad quilted top, fretless 5 string
 Fender Jap P bass E series. swapped it for a video recorder in 1990
 Status 4000 Awesome. I also have a video of this being gigged. sounded and played great
 Squier 62 Jazz bass Sunburst. No idea if it was good. Didnt like sunburst so sold it
 Blue rick 4001 Paid nothing for this. about 200 quid. Sold to the Swinging Blue Jeans in 1990
 Fireglow Rick 4003 Looked great if Fireglow. Got bored and moved it on
 J&D bros 5 string Actually a very good bass, sold it to my future wife before we got together
 Musicman Sub great basses. 
 Gibson EB-0 Awful sounding POS. Looked great though, no idea of age
 Squier (sting) Jazz A samick or vesta factory one. Stripped to look like Stings. 
 Hofner violin bass Looked great on the wall
 Retrovibe RV4 In white, this 4003 copy was used in the Jam tribute I helped out
 Fender Jazz Duff Moved on, not getting any use
 Fender Sting P bass For my tribute, sold when I got the Bravewood
 Squier 62 P bass Never gigged so moved on. Awesome piano like sound
 Epiphone Thunderbird Never gigged, moved on to a Gibson Tbird
 Spector Euro 4LX Like Sting's. again for the tribute. Couldn't get an outfit together to wear, that looked like Sting. sold on
 Fender Steve Harris Loved it. Too heavy. WHUFC colours
 Gibson T/Bird Ivory Too awkward to use in small pubs
 Status series 2 #166 nice. Sold lack of use
 Musicman Sub another one. not as good as my first one
 Steinberger XL-2 Utterly amazing. Again for the Police tribute.
 Aria SBR150 #1112735 Bought this from its original owner for a steal. Amazing but just too heavy for me these days
 Stagg EDB Again bought for the police tribute. Stopped using it (only 2-3 songs a gig)
 Fender Flea mx16734566 Bought when first announced. 4 years on and I've just sold it


Basses I still have and use


73 P Bass  Bought this in 1990, charing cross rd. This is the P bass that all others are judged by, it is awesome
 F/less P Bass Natural, maple board jap reissue. you guessed it, bought for the Police tribute
 Hofner Jubilee number 8 of 60 golden jubilee basses
 Fender Pbass special The active one from 1981, CAR almost immaculate. Plays beautifully
 Rickenfliper In silver sparkly glitter finish. Retrovibe, only 1 of 2 in this colour. A P bass pickup in the correct position. Sounds like a P bass
 P Bass Lyte weighs nothing, 30 years old in CAR

 Ibanez MC940 Fretless, again because of the Tribute
 Bravewood Sting A replica of Sting's 57

 Red Sting bass A red, maple boarded fretless, again Police related. Great sounding alder body
 Rockinbetter RG4003 Genuine higain pickups on this. Bought for the Jam tribute

Edited by police squad
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OK.... I held back..... but I can't help it.... I'll bite.... ;)


Current collection:

(PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR SB-1 USA 1976 Active (Walnut/Maple)
(PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 1986 Active (Cherry Sunburst) - Hazlab
?(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 198? Active (Black) - Hazlab
(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 1987 Active (Black) - Hazlab

(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 1987 Active (Gloss White) - Hazlab
(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 1989 Active (Tobacco Sunburst) - Hazlab
(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 198? Active (Red/Black Lava Crackle) - Hazlab
(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 198? Active (Red Stain) – Hazlab
(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A Active (Gloss White) – K-Haz/EMG upgrade
(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A Active (Black) – K-Haz/EMG upgrade
(KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A Active (Black) – K-Haz/Spector

SPECTOR NS-2 USA 2001 Active (Holoflash Black & Abalone) - ?
SPECTOR NS-2X ‘Spectorbird’ USA 2012 Active (Tobacco Sunburst)
SPECTOR Euro CR 2001? Active (Holoflash Black) - Tonepump
SPECTOR Euro CRFM 2001? Active (Purple Stain) – EMG
SPECTOR Euro CRFM 2004? Active (Emerald Green Quilt) – EMG BQC
SPECTOR Euro CRFM 2004 Active (Plum Stain) – Aguilar
SPECTOR Euro 2007 Active (Gloss White) – SNC Haz
SPECTOR Euro LX 2012 Active ‘Ian Hill’ sig (Black) - Tonepump
SPECTOR Euro LX 2017 Active ‘Rachel Bolan’ sig (Black/Silver sparkle)- TPump
SPECTOR Euro LX 201? Active (see-thru Black Quilt) – Hazlab!
SPECTOR Euro LT 2019 Active (Violet Fade) - Darkglass
SPECTOR Euro Classic 2020 Active (Solid Red) - EMG (arriving in a few weeks time!)

SPECTOR JA-CR Euro RI 2008 Active w/Badass (Gloss White) – EMG BTS
SPECTOR JA-CR Euro RI 2008 Active w/Badass (Black) – EMG BTS
SPECTOR Legend 4X Classic Active 2012 (Holoflash Black) – EMG DC/Tonepump
STUART SPECTOR DESIGN NS-4 Euro Active (Red Stain)
DINGWALL D-Bird 2019 (Blue/Purple Colourflip)
WAL Mk1 Fretless Active 1982 (Mahogany with Stained Maple facings)
WAL Mk1 Active 2000 “Geddy Lee” (Black with Gold Hardware)
M.V. PEDULLA Buzz Deluxe Fretless 1989 (Black)
FENDER Jap Precision ‘70’s Reissue “Phil Lynott” Alder/R-wood board (Black/Mirror)
FENDER Jap Precision ’62 Reissue Alder/Rosewood board (Vintage White/Red Tort)
FENDER FSR Precision ‘70’s Reissue Ash/Maple board (Natural/Red Tort)
FENDER FSR Precision P/J maple board/blocks & East preamp (Sea Foam Green)
FENDER Jap Classic ‘70’s Precision maple board & blocks (Sunburst)
FENDER Jap Jazz Bass Special ‘Duff McKagan’ (White with black neck)
JACKSON "Kip Winger" HB Signature Model Active (Cherry Lacewood)
JACKSON TBX-Pro ‘Jacksonbird’ Active 1 of only 56 made (Black)
JACKSON Ontario ‘Concert Bass’ 1987 Active (White)
HAMER Impact USA Active 1991 (Black & Gold ‘Marble’)
HAMER Impact USA Active 1991 (Red)
HAMER Impact USA Active 1990 (Copper/Gold)
HAMER Scarab USA ‘Rick Savage’ Active late 80’s (White)
KRAMER Forum I Active late 80’s (Flipflop Blue) – damaged headstock
KRAMER Ferrington Electro/Acoustic (Black)
ESP The Surveyor 1984 (Blue Stain with Blue fingerboard!)
ESP PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Signature Model 1985 (White)
ESP/Zep-II PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Signature Model - Active (Black)
PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Signature Model Active (Red Sunburst)
PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Signature Model Active (Grey/Silverburst)
PEAVEY “Rudy Sarzo” Signature Model Active (Dark Natural)
TOKAI ‘Hard Puncher’ P Alder?/Maple board early 80’s (Black/Mirror)
TOKAI Works TW801? Active 1987? (Black)
FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx” Non-Reverse Spectorbird 1989 (Black)
FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx” Non-Reverse Spectorbird 1989 (Black)
FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx” Non-Reverse Spectorbird 1990 (Black)
MUSICMAN Sub Stingray 4 (Black/Mirror)
YAMAHA BB3000 (Black Sparkle)
ARIA CSB ‘Black & Gold’ (Black)
GUILD Pilot Active (Purple Burst)
GUILD Pilot Active (Red)
HAGSTROM Super Swede “Rutger Gunnarsson” Signature Model(Mahogany)
ITALIA Imola GP “Ricky Phillips” Signature Model (White)
EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro 2018 (Black)

EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro 2018 (Tobacco Sunburst)
HOHNER B2A ‘Steinberger’ Active (Black)
HARLEY BENTON Standard Series P Bass (all-Black)
ROCKINBETTER "RonnieBarker" Ricky copy (Jetglo)

FELINE/SPECTOR "Gene Simmons SB-1" Hybrid. Active 1977 (Black)
FELINE/KRAMER "Gene Simmons Axe" Active 1980-Copy (Black/Silver)
PUNISHER "Gene Simmons" Ltd. Edition (Signed/#’d 0007) Active 1997 (Black)
AXE "Gene Simmons" Ltd Edt (Signed/#’d 163 of 250) Active 2000(Black/Silver)
CORT “Gene Simmons Axe-2” 2010 (Black/Silver)
CORT “Punisher GS-2” 2011 (Black)
STACCATO MG Active (Black/Magnesium Alloy/Numbered 22 of 34


USED to own (basses in bold I'd like back!):

2 Kramer Spector NS2A (Red Stain)
1 Kramer Spector NS2A (Teal)
1 USA Spector NS4 (white)

1 cherry Spector ReBop
1 red Spector NS2J-CR
1 natural Spector Euro LX
1 blue stain Spector NS2 CRFM
1 Poplar Burl Spector Euro LX
1 Zebrano Spector Euro LX
1 Dark Cherry Spector Euro LX

1 blue stain Spector NS2000/4
1 black stain Spector NS2000/4
1 cherry Spector Euro5
1 holoflash Spector Rex2000/4
1 black stain Spector Rex2000/4
1 black stain Spector Legend 4X
3 DeArmond Pilots (black/white/red)
1 Epiphone Goth Thunderbird
1 Feline Spector (black)
1 Aria CSB360 (cherry red)

1 Ibanez Destroyer (black)
1 Bass Collection (black)
1 noname P bass

1 Charvel Model 3A (purple)
1 Kramer Forum IV
1 Kramer Forum III
1 Fernandes Spectorbird
1 Fernandes Spectorbird ¾ scale thru-neck
1 Jackson Kip Winger (lacewood)
1 Jackson Kip Winger (White)
1 Jackson Kip Winger (Black)
1 Nightingale Harlequin
1 Hohner B2A ‘stick’ (black)
1 Musicman Stingray SUB (black)
2 Hartke XK4 (black)
1 Kay starter bass (cherry sunburst)
1 Avon Grabber coby (natural)
1 Washburn Scavenger (black)
1 M.V. Pedulla Fretless ‘Buzz Deluxe’ 1989 – got it back now!
1 Mighty Mite Precision
1 Schecter Model T (cream)
1 Fender Jazz Bass Special 80’s Jap original – got a replacement now!
1 Fender Jazz Jap Geddy Lee
1 Fender/Allparts Jazz ‘70’s (Vintage White, maple board/white blocks)
1 Guild Pilot (black)
1 Ibanez Soundgear SR1000? Custom Active 86? (Painted by Yoshiki 1988)
1 Tokai ‘Hard Puncher’ P/J Alder?/Rosewood board 80’s (Red all over)
1 ESP Horizon Custom Active 1990? Ebony Fingerboard (Cherry Sunburst)
1 Dingwall NG-2 Active 2018 (Purple)
1 Frankenstein Billy Sheehan ‘Wife’ Bass (Aria/Fender/Allparts clone)
1 G&L Tribute L-2000 (big logo 2003 Indonesian)
1 Archer KS3 ‘Kasim Sulton’
1 Bass Collection Rickenfaker

Edited by cetera
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35 minutes ago, Maude said:

It would be interesting to see how many were pre/post joining Basschat, and the timescale of pre/post Basschat. 

Example: Out of the 27 in my list. 

6 in 15 yrs pre BC

21 in 10 yrs post BC. 

Not blaming anything you understand of course, oh no, it's not this bloomin' place is it!? 


By a quick search for my introduction post, it looks like: 15 pre BC (is that B.BC?), 8ish years and 9 post, 12 years, which means that, despite the GASeous nature of BC, I've been more circumspect since joining. Hmm, something's wrong.

Edited by ezbass

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I started playing in 1980.

Up until joining Basschat in 2010 I’d probably had less than 10 basses.

I couldn’t even begin to count how many I’ve had since.

Should be the Basschat Motto!

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39 minutes ago, ezbass said:

By a quick search for my introduction post, it looks like: 15 pre BC (is that B.BC?), 8ish years and 9 post, 12 years, which means that, despite the GASeous nature of BC, I've been more circumspect since joining. Hmm, something's wrong.

I feel a great disturbance in the force! 😉

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1 hour ago, AndyTravis said:

Think @cetera has me beat. I concede graciously.

Bonus point...one of his “ex’s” was one I put together.

Cetera is obviously Jeff Bezos, judging by that list! 😂 It’s enough having owned them all, but to still have most of them is something else. 

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5 minutes ago, walshy said:

I dare not post mine 🤣

Just write:

 P Bass.  x 367654890543256854

jazz bass x 2 

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1 minute ago, bassfan said:

Just write:

 P Bass.  x 367654890543256854

jazz bass x 2 

Scarily accurate

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1 minute ago, bassfan said:

Just write:

 P Bass.  x 367654890543256854

jazz bass x 2 

Gibson x 80

flea bass x 20


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Just now, LukeFRC said:

Gibson x 80

flea bass x 20


and 3 Rickenbacker 

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Not much but this is my bass history

Yamaha RBX170 - candy apple red
Fender Jazz Bass classic 74 - MIM black with rosewood board with perloid blocks and white binding
Musicman Stingray 4 - 2009 pacific blue burst with matching headstock and maple board
Yamaha TRB1005 - MIK in caramel brown
Yamaha TRB5pii - (Bubinga) and ebony board 
Warwick Streamer Jazzman 4 - in lovely ocean blue
Atelier Z M265 custom - lovely creamy trans white with maple board and perloid blocks and cream binding pickup config of JMJ
Lakland Skyline 55-69 - Tetsukya pink Japan only model with maple board
Lakland 55-94 deluxe - teal burst and birdseye maple board and later got it refinished by Jaydee guitars to electric blue
Warwick Streamer LX - bit of an odd ball. In natural colour and ovangkol neck and wenge board. Pickup config is like what you see on Thumb
Warwick Streamer Jazzman 5 - lovely purple colour
Warwick Streamer Jazzman 4 - another ocean blue
Musicman Stingray Starry Night 4 - this one is soooooooooo disco!
Warwick Corvette Hotrod 5 - probably my favourite in terms of aesthetics(swamp ash body, flame maple top, flame maple board, maple neck with matching flame maple headstock) and insane growl for daaaaaaaaaaysssssss
Limelight Jazz bass - classic 1962 olympic white and rosewood board
Musicman Stingray 4 HH - pacific blue burst with matching headstock but rosewood board this time
Warwick Corvette $$ limited edition - very nice zebrano top
MTD Saratoga Norm Stockton - probably the most expensive I have owned!
Mike Lull PJ5 - lovely dark brown finish with birdseye maple board just classy!
Fender Jazz Bass 4 FSR - 70's bass natural, maple board with perloid blocks and cream binding and Lindy Fralins pickups + J retro 
Alpher Mako 4 - Crazyburl top, master grade roasted birdseye maple. Double humbuckers Nords bigblades (insane output even though it's all passive!!!) with coil split and series/parallel options (insane tonal variations!!)
Yamaha TRB1005 - trans black with quilted ?veneer top (think it's still here on the market place for sale)
Alpher Cobia 5 - roasted swamp ash body, flame maple top, wenge neck and board. Lovely teal finish. Bigblades 5. Again all passive with series/parallel switching.
Alpher Cobia 5 - paulownia body, flame maple top, flame maple neck and board. Bigblades 5 with Nords 3b preamp (Still waiting for completion)

Last two are the ones that I technically own at the moment, although the last one is awaiting completion. So I only have 1 bass in my stable at the moment!

Edited by MikanHannille
Added two more that I forgot!
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Squier Bronco
First bass from local guitar shop. Didn't realise it was short scale until I tried to buy strings for it. Didn't give me the sound I wanted and sounded terrible downtuned.

Stagg BC305
Wanted a 5 string for KoRn impressions. It wasn't great but it had a low B which was what I was after.

Stagg    MB300
Cheap Stingray copy, played nicely but passive.

Yamaha RBX775 
21st birthday present. I really wanted a Yamaha RBXJM but they were too expensive. Defretted it after a few years, as well as having ir refinished in goat leather. Hardly used, but not worth much to sell.

Vintage    V940FL
Fretless itch, looked great but unlined board and questionable electronics = sold.

Spector    Q6 Pro
Holoflash ! 6 string ! EMGs ! Sold after I realise EMG sounded a little too sterile for me. I'll remember that won't I ?

Yamaha    BB614
Natural with 3 band EQ. Used this in my band for a few gigs, sounded great.

Fender    Jazz
First Fender - upgraded pickups to Norstrand NJ4s which was a big improvement.

Ibanez    Musician MC900
Snapped up from PMT for £250, was then approached online to trade for below

MusicMan Stingray
Swapped for Ibanez above, hugely unfair trade as SR was worth 3x the value at the time. Kept this for a while and gigged extensively. Eventually traded for..

Lakland    55-02 Skyline
Natural finish, maple board. Very versatile but very boring to look at.

Warwick    Corvette $$
Red oil with gold hardware. Looked fantastic, just didn't get on with the neck.

Bacchus    Venus
Japanese made and lush, alas bound body was uncomfortable.

Overwater Progress III Deluxe
Without a doubt the best made instrument i've had, but oh so polite.

Epiphone Thunderbird
Because I never had one before. Looked cool. Neck dive.

G&L L-2000
Flamed carved top. Gigged a few times.

Overwater Contemporary J
Got at same time as G&L. Nicely made, just a bit too clean.

Encore    Precision
Cheap, but had been modded with MM pickup at bridge. 

Peavey    T-40
Loved this bass, sounded massive, but had a mass equivalent to a small moon.

Lakland    55-60 Skyline
Teal green. Should. Have. Kept. It.

Fender    Precision 
Dad bought this for himself (not a bassist) I stole it on loan. That was in 2015.

Line 6    Variax
Another PMT bargain (£250 !). Bit of fun but never found a use for it in studio.

Spector    Q6 Pro
De ja vu. Had nostaglia attack and bought another one. Sold it for same reasons as first one :|

Warwick    Corvette Pro Series
Korean made, had that Warwick sound. Just never fell in love with it.

Cort    GB75
Ticked all the boxes on paper, changed pickups to Aguilars. Sounded much better, still sold it.

Ibanez    ATK200
Cheap but heavy Stingray killer. Sold as had better instruments about.

Musicman SUB5
Shortest ownership ever. Bought at guitar show on whim, buyers remorse next day. Took back for refund without issue.

Ibanez    BTB1606
Wanted another 6 that wasn't Spector. Wonderfully made. Had to sell it to fund a divorce :|

MusicMan Bongo 4HH
Bought with redundancy cash, was a little battleworn and sold as I had the below as well.

MusicMan Bongo 5HS
Orange ! Again, sounded great. Again, don't know why I sold it.

G&L L-2000
Forgot I had one and sold it for a reason (hard to tame)

John Birch SG 
Bought by my Dad, kept for a bit then let him know it wasn't for me. Gave it back.

Fender    Jazz Deluxe
Was bored. Played great but Jazzes need to be passive for me.

Cort    GB35J
PMT bargain. Changed pickups and bridge, played well but neckdive was a pain.

Dingwall    NG3
Most expensive bass purchase. Obviously a killer instrument but at the time I sold it, money was a requirement.

Fender    Marcus Miller Jazz
Always wanted one since I started playing. Was sunburst however so not the 'right one' for me.

Yamaha    RBX775
eBay bargain. Exactly l;ike my original, kept a while until I went for RBX JM2.

OLP    MM32
Cash Converters special. Needed selector replacing, but good after that, a bit heavy and sold once I got USA SR5.

Overwater Aspiration Deluxe
Gumtree special. Got for a good price and sold a few weeks later.

MusicMan Stingray 5HS
Swapped for Miller Jazz. Superb instrument - alas value of it was not as useful as cash in bank. Slightly boring sunburst.

Squier   Jazz VM
CashConverters at decent price. Totally blew me away - sounds and plays so much more than the price, a keeper for a while.

Epiphone Thunderbird Classic
Gumtree, fancied it, forgot how annoying neck dive was.

Yamaha SBV500
Found online at an obscure guitar shop in Telford. Sounded just like a Jazz, but neck dive. Double my money on the sale.

Spector    Euro 6 LX
Got for a decent price in GuitarGuitar. Intended to sell it on purchase - just have fun for a few weeks. Broke even.

RedSub    Coliseum 6
Bought to check out, surpassed expectations. Will probably sell at some point as RBXJM2 more comfortable.

G&L L-5500
GuitarGuitar bargain purchase (£499) at 5am in a tent in a field. Sold a few months later as EMGs a little too much for my ears. Made a good profit. 

Yamaha    RBXJM2
FB marketplace, local meetup. Good price - one i've wanted for a long time. A keeper.

BC Rich    Mockingbird Classic
BC purchase, electronics very dodgy on arrival. Pickups out of phase and blend pot unreliable. Great since being rewired.

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  1. Stagg P bass - borrowed, came to me in bits from someones CDT project at school. Had to learn how to put it together and set it up before I could learn to play it
  2. Status Shark 2 Proactive - found at the back of a shop in colchester, new - neck like a banana and bits going rusty... what a first bass though. Kinda polite sounding
  3. Fender Precision Japan PB57-US - Formed a band. needed a 'proper' bass. It was lovely, fitted a annodized scratch plate
  4. Warwick Streamer Stage 1 (1991) Blue - Joined bass chat. realised someone would pay me money for my Status... sold it and convinced @warwickhunt to sell me his blue streamer. Hated the sound!
  5. Warwick Streamer Stage 1 (1991) Natural- found locally for sale, weighed less than the blue one and sounded better - was my main bass really for years. 
  6. Fender JV Squier Series Precision '57ri - One of the ones that is super rare. Amazing bass. Had a SD-PB1 pickup in it - sounded great. Tracked down an original pickup - didn't sound as good. Currently residing with @sdbrown8177
  7. Valenti No.42 - bought from @richardd kept for a month, sold to @funkyspuke - I didn't like the sharp corners on the body and the ugly typeface on the headstock- and I didn't like Jazz basses. I learned after this that a new bass needed at least 6 months before you sold it on.
  8. Fender USA 70's RI FSR in Lake Placid blue - bought a few weeks after the Valenti from @AndyTravis - lovely thing proved I didn't like jazz basses. Went to Barcelona 
  9. Cimar model 1905 (1975) - - Found for £40 in a secondhand shop off Byres Road. Fixed it up with the help of @Bassassin - one of the most fun things to play ever. Unfortunately bought it to do up and sell to a really good friend. He won't sell it back  :(
  10. Peavey T40 - Took 4 trains and a bus to a random suburb of Paisley to collect it. Almost lost my arm on the way back. Weighed about double my main Streamer did. Once you had picked it up it was quite fun to play live. But far too heavy. Cant remember who it went to, probably a black hole. 
  11. Kramner P JJ thing - Bought on here as it had an original JV P pup on it. The seller didn't want to sell me the pup for £100 but 6 months later sold me the whole bass for £120 or something. Kept the pickup sold the bass...It wasn't very nice 
  12. Aria RSB fretless oddity - Bought off here, old thing, defretted and with some crazy 80's pickups in it- sounded great in the hands of the guy who I sold it too!
  13. Self build green Stingray thing. - Body off a Vox standard, and some neck I found. Don't use Ronseal Dimondhard floor varnish in the place of Epoxy on the neck.... it's too hard to sand! Horrid thing really 
  14. Self build Pink Stingray thing - attempt 2 someone built a bass on a bass building course at uni. I made it look like a stingray and refinished it pink. Heavy and didn't play nicely.
  15. Self build Black blue stingray thing - attempt 3 - built the body myself from a lump of ash, HH set up giving me P ray and jazz style tones, MM Sub neck. Was nice but not nice enough to play. By the time I had finished it probably cost me as much as just buying a secondhand stingray. Lesson learned.  
  16. Vision Matsumoku Japanese oddity - it was black - that's all I can remember
  17. Yamaha BB300 (Japan) -  tricked up a trade along with the Squeir jazz below. Was the nicer of the two. Sold it stupidly 
  18. Squier Jazz bass Japan '92ish- Not as nice as the BB300. Stripped the body... possibly wood, possibly something else, bought a new body sprayed tomato soup red with graffiti paint. Nice but I don't like Jazzes remembe?
  19. Warwick Thumb bass (1985) - You know your long term GAS bass that you've wanted since you started playing? Yep - this was it. Phenomenal.Beautiful. Except it turns out it spent a couple of years not being played. Made an amazing racket when it was. 
  20. Yamaha BB1200 (1977) - - Really nice early one. Liked everything about it apart from the sound.  
  21. G&L L1000 (1982) - From @gareth Replaced the BB1200 - much more my thing, and it was green. They are brilliant. Very hot output. Sold to pick up a Precision bass. (still not bought)
  22. Sadowsky Metro Will Lee  - Traded with Warwickhunt for the Thumb bass plus I think he wanted about 3 extra cases. The best bass I've owned by a long way. Almost impossible to get a bad sound from it. Just beautiful sounding. Only traded cos a Sadowsky is easier to sell than a vintage Warwick ... I got it home and "I could sell all my basses but this one" wasn't exaggerating!  Since getting it the old No.1 streamer and L1000 were sold as they weren't getting played. ❤️
  23. Lakland 55-94 Classic (5 string from 1999) - Picked up locally because it was red and at a nice price. 5 strings are ok?! Pretty good bass, really really fat low mids, it sounds louder than the Sadowsky even when it's not if you know what I mean.Jurys still out on it a bit but just survived the cull of 2020 
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Here is my, hélas, not totally exhaustive list as it's a lot more if I include the basses that didn't stay much longer than a week... :crazy:

1.          ACG Finn R Type 5 Custom Spec Level Fretless, 2014, natural flamed redwood.

2.          ACG Harlot R Type 5 Custom Spec Level, 2010’s, natural santos rosewood.

3.          Alembic Series One, 1980’s, natural.

4.          Alembic Spoiler S, 1990, natural flamed koa.

5.          Alpher Mako Elite Custom Fretless 5, 2014, natural maple burl.

6.          Ampeg Dan Armstrong, 1971, fretless, see-thru.

7.          Aquilina Triton 5 Fretless, 2006, natural.

8.          Aria Diamond 1420 (Höfner 500/1 copy),1960’s, sunburst.

9.          Aria SB 1000, 1980’s, defretted, natural light oak.

10.      Aries Bajadera 6, 2002, natural bajadera.

11.      Aries Senes VS 6 Signature, 2009, natural translucent redwood.

12.      Aries Senes VS 6 Tomek, 2006, natural ebony.

13.      Bass Collection SB 401, 1990’s, black.

14.      Bassline Buster CW Fretless 6, 2000’s, natural maple.

15.      Belle Isle 5, 1990’s, white.

16.      Berne Harpobasse, 2000’s, violin burst.

17.      Blade B4, 1991-92, translucent red.

18.      Bossa OB5, 2000’s, natural.

19.      Byl 6, 2005, natural walnut.

20.      Capelli Custom 6 EMG, 2000’s, natural.

21.      Capelli DM Signature Pro 6, 2001, natural sophora.

22.      Carvin LB70F 2TEK, fretless, 2000’s, blue burst.

23.      Celinder Custom 6 Michael Andersen, 1994, natural flamed maple.

24.      Cimar (Jazz Bass copy with Cimar pickups), 1970’s, sunburst.

25.      Conklin GT 7 => GT 8 => GT 6, 2000’s, natural.

26.      Cort A6, 1990’s, natural maple. 

27.      Cort B4FL, fretless, 2000, natural mahogany.

28.      Cort B4FL, fretless, 2000, natural walnut.

29.      Cort C4, 1990’s, natural walnut.

30.      Cort Curbow 5, 1990’s, blue.

31.      Cort NTL B-FL, 2001, natural.

32.      Daion (Jazz Bass copy with Daion pickups), 1970’s, sunburst.

33.      Daion Power Series, 1980’s, neck-through, natural.

34.      De Gier Elevation 6, 2004, natural burl maple.

35.      De Gier Origin Deluxe Fretless 6, 2009, natural buckeye burl maple.

36.      DeArmond Ashbory Bass, 1999, red.

37.      DeArmond Ashbory Bass, 2001, blue.

38.      Eko BA4, 1980’s, natural.

39.      Eko Violin Bass, 1970’s, sunburst.

40.      El Maya (Precision Bass copy with Maya pickup), 1970’s, red burst (my first bass).

41.      Epiphone EBM 5, 1990’s, natural.

42.      Ergo 6, 2009, natural.

43.      Ernie Ball Music Man Sabre Bass, 1986, black.

44.      Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 5 Fretless, 1992, petrol blue.

45.      Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 5 HH, 2016, Limited Edition, white and gold.

46.      Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 5, 1989, translucent red.

47.      Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 5, 2002, natural.

48.      Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray, 1990, honey burst.

49.      Ernie Ball Music Man SUB Bass 5, 2003-06, cinnamon.

50.      Esh Impact 6, 2005, natural mahogany.

51.      Esh Stinger 4, 1990’s, Musik Messe Edition, translucent black.

52.      Esh Various 5, Neuser NFS bridges, 1990’s, translucent green.

53.      ESP M – V, 1987, black.

54.      F-Bass AC5 Fretless, 2005, amber burst.

55.      F-Bass AC6, fretless, 2006, antique violin.

56.      F-Bass BN4, 2005, natural ash.

57.      F-Bass BN5 Fretless, 2000’s, sunburst.

58.      Fender Jazz Bass Jaco Pastorius Relic Custom Shop, 2001, sunburst.

59.      Fender Jazz Bass Japan, 1993, sunburst.

60.      Fender Jazz Bass Road Worn Flea Signature, 2016, shell pink.

61.      Fender Jazz Bass, 1968, fretless, sunburst.

62.      Fender Jazz Bass, 1968, sunburst.

63.      Fender Jazz Bass, 1969, Olympic white.

64.      Fender Jazz Bass, 1970, defretted, black.

65.      Fender Jazz Bass, 1971, sunburst.

66.      Fender Jazz Bass, 1972, sunburst.

67.      Fender Jazz Bass, 1976, natural.

68.      Fender Jazz Bass, 1983, longhorn, Olympic white.

69.      Fender Jazz Bass, 2001, sunburst.

70.      Fender Precision Bass American Vintage ’57, 2010, white blonde.

71.      Fender Precision Bass Fretless à la Tony Franklin, 1978, sunburst.

72.      Fender Precision Bass Lyte standard, 1990’s, black.

73.      Fender Precision Bass, 1964, fiesta red.

74.      Fender Precision Bass, 1964, natural (sanded).

75.      Fender Precision Bass, 1964, with Jazz Bass pickup added, Olympic white.

76.      Fender Precision Bass, 1966, sunburst à la Rory Gallagher.

77.      Fender Precision Bass, 1970, fretless, sunburst.

78.      Fender Precision Bass, 1972, brush white.

79.      Fender Precision Bass, 1975, fretless maple board, sunburst.

80.      Fender Precision Bass, 1978, Antigua.

81.      Fender Precision Bass, 1978, sunburst.

82.      Fender Roscoe Beck V, 2000’s, sunburst.

83.      Fernandes ABM 70, 1990’s, vintage natural.

84.      G&L L-2000, 1980’s, natural.

85.      G&L SB2, 1990’s, sunburst.

86.      Gibson EB 3, 1970’s, cherry.

87.      Gibson Grabber G1, 1980’s, natural.

88.      Godin A4, fretless, 1990’s, natural.

89.      Godin Z1, fretless, 1980’s, black.

90.      Godin Z1, fretless, 1980’s, white.

91.      Grosmann 5 FF, 2019, purple burst.

92.      Guild SB 605 Pilot, 1986-88, black.

93.      Hamer Cruisebass 2-Tek, 1990’s, sunburst.

94.      HK Custom Bass 6, fretless, 2005, natural.

95.      Höfner 185, 1962-64, red.

96.      Höfner 500/1, 1967, sunburst.

97.      Höfner 500/1, 1968, sunburst.

98.      Hohner B Bass 5, 1990’s, natural.

99.      Hohner B2A FL, fretless, 1980’s, black.

100.  Hohner B2A, 1980’s, black.

101.  Hohner Professional B Bass VI, 1990’s, amber maple.

102.  Hohner The Jack Bass Custom V, 1989, black.

103.  Ibanez 2030 (Jazz Bass copy with Ibanez pickups), 1970-73, sunburst.

104.  Ibanez Affirma A104F, fretless, 1991, natural dark saman, one piece body.

105.  Ibanez Affirma A104F, fretless, 1992, natural saman.

106.  Ibanez Affirma A204F, 1992, fretless, natural kralo walnut.

107.  Ibanez Affirma A304OL, 1992, natural flamed maple.

108.  Ibanez Affirma A305, 1992, natural flamed maple.

109.  Ibanez ANB306, 2015, quilted maple blue burst.

110.  Ibanez ATK 305, 1990’s, black.

111.  Ibanez EDA 900, 2000’s, blue.

112.  Ibanez Gary Willis GWB105, 2005, natural.

113.  Ibanez MC 924, 1980’s, yellow.

114.  Ibanez Roadster RS 800, 1980’s, yellow.

115.  Ibanez Soundgear SR 400, defretted, 1990’s, white.

116.  Ibanez Soundgear SR 700, 1992, white.

117.  Ibanez Soundgear SR 800, 1990’s, green.

118.  James Trussart Custom 6, fretless, 1988, Parisian period, amber burst.

119.  JayDee Supernatural Mark King, 2000’s, white.

120.  Jerzy Drozd Obsession Basic 7, 2007, natural etimoe.

121.  JP Basses Lucii 6 Fretless, 2004, natural flamed koa.

122.  JP Basses Plume 5, 2006, natural burl redwood.

123.  Ken Lawrence Associate 5, 1994, natural koa.

124.  Kramer 450B Fretless, 1979, natural.

125.  Kramer 650 B, 1978, natural.

126.  Kramer DMZ 4000, 1979, vibrato, natural.

127.  Kramer DMZ 6000 B, 1980, natural figured koa.

128.  Kramer The Duke Deluxe, 1981, trans red.

129.  Kramer The Duke, 1980’s, black.

130.  Langowski AJ6, 2016, natural flamed maple.

131.  Lasido Z1, 1980’s, grey.

132.  Laurus Quasar SL 190 Grafite 6 FL, fretless, 2004, natural.

133.  Le Fay Herr Schwarz 5, 2000’s, black.

134.  Leduc BD3, 4 strings, 1982, translucent red.

135.  Leduc HMP 528 SF, fretless, 1999, honey yellow flamed maple.

136.  Leduc HMP524, 1992, EMG, natural.

137.  Leduc Lady B 4, fretless, 1980’s, translucent red.

138.  Leduc Maurad 4, 2004, blue.

139.  Leduc Maurad 4, 2005, natural.

140.  Leduc Maurad 5, 2002, black.

141.  Leduc Maurad 6, 2006, natural.

142.  Leduc MNV 6 SF, fretless, 1990, yellow pearl.

143.  Leduc MNV 6, Vigier Nautilus preamp, 1989, translucent green.

144.  Leduc Moaï U-Contrebasse 6, 2013, natural mahogany.

145.  Leduc Modern 5, 1989, yellow pearl (stolen).

146.  Leduc MP 524, 2007, natural.

147.  Leduc MP 624, 2003, natural ash.

148.  Leduc MP 628 SF, fretless, 1990, active, natural bubinga.

149.  Leduc MP 628 SF, fretless, 1990, passive, natural bubinga.

150.  Leduc MP 628 SF, fretless, 1999, active, honey yellow flamed maple.

151.  Leduc MP 631 SF, fretless, 1990, passive, natural bubinga.

152.  Leduc PAD 6, 1998, natural padauk.

153.  Leduc PAD Rock 5, 1998, natural padauk.

154.  Leduc Pre Maurad Post MNV, 1997, natural.

155.  Leduc UB3F-4, fretless, 2016, natural.

156.  Leduc UMM-4 SF, fretless, 1994, natural.

157.  Leduc UMM-6, 1999, honey yellow.

158.  Leduc UMM-6, 2006, high gloss honey yellow.

159.  Lightwave Saber 4, 2000’s, flamed maple.

160.  Line 6 Variax Bass 700, 2000’s, sunburst.

161.  LowDown Custom 6F Special, fretless, 2010’s, natural figured myrtle.

162.  LTD B-206SM NS, 2016, natural.

163.  Luthman Natural 4 Fretless, 2008, natural bubinga.

164.  Maruszczyk Elwood 4 Fretless, 2008, sunburst.

165.  Mayones Comodous Custom 5, 2018, natural amazake.

166.  Modulus Graphite Quantum 6 EMG + Aguilar, 1990, natural wenge.

167.  Modulus Graphite Quantum 6 EMG, 1990, quilted maple cherry burst.

168.  Modulus Graphite Quantum 6 SPi Custom, 1990, natural quilted maple.

169.  MTD 635-24 Fretless, 2002, trans red figured maple.

170.  MTD 635-24, 2004, black.

171.  N.Y.C. Empire Bass 5 by Fodera, 1997, natural flamed maple.

172.  Neuser Cloudburst 5, 1990’s, red burst.

173.  Neuser Courage 4, 2000’s, natural.

174.  Neuser Courage 6, 1986, honeyburst flamed maple.

175.  Nexus Gom Jabbar Magellan Fretless 6, 2000’s, natural spalted maple.

176.  Noguera Expression Plus Deluxe 6, 2000, natural birdseye maple.

177.  Noguera Fairplay Fretless 6, 1993, natural birdseye maple.

178.  Noguera Harmonie Standard Custom 6 Fretless, 2007, natural spalted chestnut.

179.  Noguera Trinity 8 Custom Bruno Ramos, 2012, natural flamed maple.

180.  Noguera YC Signature 8 Fretless, 2008, natural spruce.

181.  NS Design CR4M, 2000’s, natural flamed maple.

182.  NS Design EU 5, 2000’s, natural flamed maple.

183.  OLP Stingray 4, 2000’s, natural.

184.  OLP Stingray Tony Levin Signature, 2000’s, peach.

185.  Overwater Progress 4, 1986, natural zebrano.

186.  Paul Lairat Gabriella 5 Fretless, 2005, natural flamed chestnut.

187.  Peavey B-Quad-4, 1990’s, trans violet.

188.  Peavey Cirrus 4 USA, 2000’s, natural.

189.  Peavey Dyna-Bass, 1980’s, pearl white.

190.  Peavey Grind 4 BXP, 2000’s, natural.

191.  Peavey TL-Six, 1990’s, trans black.

192.  Pedulla MVP-4 Signature, 1989, natural flamed maple.

193.  Pedulla MVP-6, 1996, natural flamed maple.

194.  Pedulla Thunderbolt 5, 1990’s, red.

195.  Pedulla-Orisini EL-10B, 1974, natural maple.

196.  Rickenbacker 4003, 1980’s, black.

197.  Rockson R-JB99, 2016, black (the best 60’s Jazz Bass ever for 80,30 Euros !!!).

198.  Roland G77, 1985, white.

199.  Roscoe Century Standard Plus 6 Fretless, 2013, natural figured chechen.

200.  Rybski 4, Rybski pickups, 1990’s, natural.

201.  Rybski 8, 2016, 8 strings (octave), natural black walnut.

202.  Saha Opacic AJ6, 2010’s, natural.

203.  Sandberg Thinline Custom Fretless 6, 1990’s, sunburst.

204.  Sanox Logabass 4, 1980’s, red.

205.  Schack Unique 4 Bolt On Basic, 1999, natural bubinga.

206.  SD Curlee 4, 1970’s, natural.

207.  Sei Flambloyant 6, 2006, natural burl thuya.

208.  Shuker Series One 6, 2001, natural.

209.  Sivcak OSCII 5, 2018, sunburst.

210.  Skjold Custom Series Whaleback 6, 2005, natural birdseye maple.

211.  Spector NS 4 CR, 1990’s, black.

212.  Squier Jazz Bass JV, 1982, sunburst.

213.  Squier Precision Bass JV, 1984, sunburst.

214.  Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 70, 2010’s, natural.

215.  Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless, 2006, sunburst.

216.  Stanford B61CM5FL OP, fretless, 2000’s, natural cedar.

217.  Status 2000 Graphite, 1980's, black.

218.  Status Electro 4 Fretless, 2010, natural rosewood.

219.  Status Electro 4 Piezo Only Fretless, 2010, natural maple.

220.  Status Electro 6 II Jonas Hellborg, 2001, natural rosewood.

221.  Status Energy Matrix 4, 1990's, natural.

222.  Status Energy Matrix 4, 1992, white.

223.  Status KingBass Black Beauty, 2009, black.

224.  Status S2 Classic Bolt-on 5 Fretless, 2005, natural figured amazake.

225.  Status S2 Classic Neckthrough 5, 2000, light amber burst quilted maple.

226.  Steinberger XL2, 1980's, black.

227.  Stevie-G Jaco Pastorius, 2019, sunburst.

228.  Stradi Symphony Bass 5 Fretless, 2015, natural 2110 years old swamp oak.

229.  Tacoma Thunderchief, 2000’s, natural.

230.  Takamine B10, 1990’s, antique stain.

231.  Tobias Growler GR 4, 1990's, natural.

232.  Trace Elliot T-Bass 4, 1990's, sunburst.

233.  Trace Elliot T-Bass 5, 1990’s, natural.

234.  Tune Bass Maniac TBC 4, 1980's, black.

235.  Tune BEB-6, 1990’s, natural ash.

236.  Vanzandt JBV-R1, 2015, natural ash.

237.  Veillette-Citron 4 short scale, 1980's, natural.

238.  Vigier Arpège IV, fretless, Delta metal fretboard, 1980’s, black.

239.  Vigier Excess 4, 2000’s, black.

240.  Vigier Excess 4, fretless, Delta metal fretboard, 2000’s, antique violin.

241.  Vigier Passion Custom III, 1999, red.

242.  Wal MK 1 Fretless 4, 1980’s, natural shedua (bought back 3 times).

243.  Warrior DM4 Custom NT, 2005, trans orange flamed maple.

244.  Warrior DM7 Signature Custom, 1986, natural flamed maple.

245.  Warwick Corvette Standard 4 Fretless, 2008, natural bubinga.

246.  Warwick Fortress Masterman 4, 1995, honey violin flamed maple.

247.  Warwick Streamer Stage I, 1980’s, natural maple.

248.  Warwick Streamer Stage II Fretless, Bartolini, 1990's, chameleon purple.

249.  Warwick Streamer Stage II, Bartolini, 1991, natural afzelia.

250.  Warwick Streamer Stage II, EMG, 1990's, natural afzelia.

251.  Warwick The Alien, 2000’s, natural.

252.  Warwick Thumb Bass NT 4 SE, 2008, natural burl bubinga.

253.  Warwick Thumb Bass NT 6, 2006, natural burl bubinga.

254.  Washburn AB10, 2000’s, black.

255.  Washburn AB20, 2000’s, amber burst.

256.  Washburn AB40, fretless, 1990’s, natural.

257.  Washburn Status 1000 S70, 1980's, natural.

258.  Westone The Rail, 1985, red.

259.  Wood & Tronics Zoid 5, 2007, natural quilted maple.

260.  Yamaha BB 2025X, 2010, black.

261.  Yamaha BB 5000A Wide Neck, 1990’s, purple pearl.

262.  Yamaha BB N4, 1990's, natural.

263.  Yamaha BB Nathan East Signature, first generation, 1990’s, amber burst.

264.  Yamaha BEX 4C, 2000’s, orange stain.

265.  Yamaha RBX 6 John Myung Signature, 2000’s, turquoise blue.

266.  Yamaha TRB 1006, 2000’s, natural.

267.  Yamaha TRB 5P, 1995, amber gloss.

268.  Yamaha TRB 6P, 1990’s, trans green.

269.  Yamaha TRB 6P, 1990’s, trans red sunburst.

270.  Yamaha TRB 6P, defretted, Crel-Noguera, 1990’s, natural.

271.  Yamaha TRB 6P, fretless, 1990’s, trans red sunburst.

272.  Yamaha TRB John Patitucci II, 2008, amber quilted maple.

273.  Zeta Crossover 4, 1990’s, natural.

274.  Zeta Crossover 5, 1990’s, black.

275.  Zeta Prism, 1980’s, green.

Edited by Hellzero
Edited and updated list.
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