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Epiphone Jack Casady: Chinese or Korean?

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I keep finding myself drawn to Epiphone Jack Casady basses when they pop up for sale, but I've not yet had the opportunity to try one. Can anyone tell me if there's much difference between the older Korean models and the more recent ones made in China?

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I’ve owned both.

the Korean ones tend to have a very dark stained back/sides almost opaque.

The chinese ones are more like the old Gibson 70’s walnut.

there are a couple knocking about used in gold, one seems clean at £400 Chinese, one is battered and Korean £395.

As an outlier there’s also a Korean Peerless bass master for £500 ish - which is the old Korean Epiphone factory making their own version.

there’s no difference in build or sound.

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13 minutes ago, mowf said:

Thanks Andy. Loving your Pelham Blue one by the way!


pretty cool!

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