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Having problems understanding 16th notes and how they work within different grooves?

Find out how to nail 16th note bass grooves by subdividing and counting the bar. 

YouTube video lesson and FREE pdf. 

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    • By greghagger
      Out of interest, do you have an area of music theory that you particularly struggle to understand?  
      Do you feel that it is holding you back in developing as a bass player too? 
    • By greghagger
      How are your transcribing skills?  
      I have put a video together to show you how you can start to transcribe bass lines yourself.  
      If you have always wanted to transcribe but felt it is too difficult, then check out my lesson and start using the five steps I outline. 
      There is also a free PDF with five very short transcriptions which your can go away and try and do yourself, then check with mine. 
      You don’t need to read music to be able to start transcribing. 
      Hope this helps. 
    • By greghagger
      I don’t about you, but I think that Reggae has some of the grooviest bass lines there are. 
      The bass is almost always very prominent and right in the pocket. 
      I have made a video lesson to explore Reggae bass and to help you to start composing your own Reggae bass lines.
      There are a few techniques which can help you to make your lines sound more authentic. 
      I have left a couple of backing tracks running at the end of the video and you can also download a free pdf in the video description. 
      I hope this helps anyone wanting to start playing Reggae bass. 
    • By greghagger
      Having problems understanding sharps and flats?
      I often get asked when is a note called a sharp and when is it called a flat.  I explain the answers in this bass concepts video. 
      There is also a free pdf with a list of key signatures and more information to accompany the lesson. 
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