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3: Ready An’ Willing

The live version of Ready An' Willing from Whitesnake's Live In The Heart Of The City album (1980). Some of the playing is a bit messy, but I've tried as best as possible to transcribe it.

Ready An' Willing (live)#1.png

Ready An' Willing (live)#2.png

Ready An' Willing (live)#3.png

Ready An' Willing (live)#4.png

Ready An' Willing (live).pdf

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That’s great, there will be a lot of people here who appreciate that.

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Still Of The Night from 1987 Whitesnake album. No matter how anyone might have played the main riff since, this is what I played, following what John Sykes wrote & played when we did the backing tracks in autumn 1985. There was overdubbed fretless playing chords during the middle section, which wasn't used on the final mix. The fast bass runs at the end of the track are completely buried in the original mix - a bit easier to make out on the 2017 remix version but still very hard to hear what I play during the end fade-out - if I'd still been in the band in 1987, I would have played it from memory then and would still remember it now (or would have had a tape with what I played much more audible) but I've only played Still Of The Night once or twice in 35 years. 

Still Of The Night#1.png

Still Of The Night#2.png

Still Of The Night#3.png

Still Of The Night#4.png

Still Of The Night#5.png

Still Of The Night#6.png

Still Of The Night.pdf

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This is absolute gold dust. I hope you guys appreciate the work Neil has put into this on your behalf. 😉

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Wow 🙂

Are there any easy ones?


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Thank you so much, Neil! I’ve been working on some of these songs, so transcriptions from the source couldn’t be any more timely! 

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2 hours ago, neilmurraybass said:

Don't Break My Heart Again?, Is This Love? 😉

My technique is pretty much up to it, it's memorising all those damn frilly bits! I've been working on The Real Me since early December and I'm only about 3/4 of the way through!

Oh well, man cannot live by ZZ Top alone!


<edit> I'll probably have a shot at Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City - that's my favourite Whitesnake song. Plus it's good just to be able to jam along to songs like Fool for your Loving.




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In my experience, 'learning' the frilly bits less important than nailing the core stuff.

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