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Atomic dustbin

Line 6 Helix Native License withdrawn
East Yorkshire

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For sale. Line 6 Helix Native License for the full software. I no longer use my Computer so I don’t need the software any more. Purchaser must have a line 6 account or create one, and then the license will be gifted to them through their account. I have just been on my Line 6 account and checked that this is ok. I just enter your line 6 user and email then gift it to you. Currently on Line 6 it is 399 US dollars or around £300. Please note that Native is not a standalone plug in, it is to be used within a DAW. This is for mac or windows. 


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Price drop

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Great plugin. Basically turns your computer into a Helix! And you don’t actually need to have any Helix hardware for it to work - I use it through my Arturia interface and it works a treat.


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    • By foxyFuze
      Hi all,
      I got this to have as part of a home music room as a standalone from my bass rig, but I think a second Stomp will more than happily fulfil my hobbyist noodling needs.  It's in excellent condition and has a load of IR's, updated to Firmware 3.0.  
      I can post at owner's risk; I have a suitable box. Alternatively I can meet at a reasonable distance from Bristol.
      If you have a Stomp you're looking to trade up then let me know.

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      Full working order, boxed with all gubbins included, works for bass or guitar. £80 posted to UK mainland.

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      Helix Stomp FX pedal board unit, small and compact, vast array of FX, amp sims routing options to list just some of its features.
      Works well with bass and guitar.
      Comes with original box and all documentation, also power adapter (used once to take photo!)
      Good condition.
      £340 posted within UK

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      So I'm kind of in a dilemma with my live sound...   We're running IEM now and I'm strongly considering ditching head & cab.    Ive been looking to add a nice preamp pedal to my chain and run direct to FOH... Mesa Subway di, Trickfish Minnow, Nordstrand Starlifter etc.   Ive recently also stumbled across the HX Stomp which looks like it could solve all of my problems in one simple solution. My only reservation is that I'll be disappointed with the effects and amp sims for bass.    I don't use tons effects - Octave, Chrorus, Envelope and some compression. Definitely no fuzz or overdrive.   Does anyone else go direct to FOH? If so, do you prefer one of the above options?   Thanks 
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      I have a Line 6 Firehawk FX with the plug adapter for the UK.
      But as I live in France, it's a pain..!
      I'd like to swap the adapter part for the European two pin version.  I think all Line 6 units ship with both.
      Would any of you kind BC'ers care to swap...?
      Thanks in advance

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