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SOLD!!!! Darkglass Vintage Ultra - Pricedrop =£190 (Trade option added)

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Hey everybody,

A re-upload as I'm downsizing a little.

Here we have the wonderful Darkglass Vintage Ultra. An amazing Pre-amp, Overdrive/distortion, DI Box and all round tone shaping machine. 

As everybody knows these things are like preamps that have done yoga with the amount of flexibility available.

All boxed up and Velcro'd on the bottom. 

Also will trade for a Sansamp VTDI 

Price includes shipping!

Any questions let me know. :) 










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    • By Bassaio
      LAST PRICE DROP £1250
      Gorgeous Bass made in Switzerland, by great luthier Tino Tedesco ():
      Body Ash with tonal Chambers
      Top Alder
      Neck quartesawn maple
      Fingerboard  birdseye maple
      Hipshot Tuners - Dunlop Straplocks - Pickup X-EMG Active

    • By silentbob
      Picked this up a couple of months back to have another try with five strings. Not sure what I was thinking because I struggle with four so in light of some recent purchases I  think I will move this on.
      The Good Points
      It's a good, solid 5 string bass which punches above it's weight. Body is Bubinga wood, fingerboard is Rosewood. The neck is super flat and really nice to play. Hardware and pickups are by Wilkinson. The four pots are Volume, Tone, Bass, and Pickup Blend.
      The Bad Points
      It has a few marks and dings (the previous owner toured Europe with it) but nothing major, just general, light, wear and tear.
      When I picked it up, it had a really low output, and the pickup blend pot was crackly when adjusted. On inspection, the battery had leaked and corroded the battery clip, so I replaced that and stuck in a new 9v which sorted the output issue. I haven't gotten around to fixing the pot yet. It may just need a squirt of cleaner, or it may need a replacement soldering in, both of which should be pretty simple and are reflected in the price.
      Price is £125. This does not include shipping but does include a crap Fender gig bag to carry it home in. Shipping could possibly be arranged. I have a box, and can upgrade to a better more padded gigbag, but this will push the price to £160.
      I would also consider a trade for a high end (Mono, Sadowsky) gig bag with money either way.
      Socially distanced collection or viewing is welcome, as is PayPal if fees are covered.
      Any questions, please ask.

    • By MrT-Bass
      Darkglass Hyper Luminal Bass Compressor - VGC with original box, etc...£170 + FOC shipping in UK
      Bank transfer preferred but PayPal (Friends and Family) could be fine too!

    • By Umskii
      MusicMan Stingray Classic 4 2EQ Vintage Burst, Birds Eye Maple Neck (No Trades)
      Located in Manchester
      Beautiful bass, currently out of production, a childhood dream infact was fulfilled by owning one. Alas its time to move on and pay off some bills.
      Bass functions 100%, everything works and all electronics (pre-amp and pickup) are stock 
      Was setup last month by guitar repair workshop in PMT Manchester.
      I have included a ton of extras, (see pic) Polytuner, Pickguards, Pickup cover, Strap, Fender Cable, Extra foam mutes.
      Has one small dent on the front above the arm rest and common surface wear scratches on the lacquer on the back and corners of the bass.
      Neck has a thin folded piece of sandiing paper i put in as a shim as I play with super low action.
      The stringray class by design has a limit on how low the bridge scews can go, a shim was my way around this.
      Looking to post in the UK as a family member is extremely vulnerable to covid 19, can't have anyone over.
      Serial # B052788 Manufactured December 22nd, 2010 Build Code 120-RB-RM-W3-CS-C1 Model Classic StingRay 2 EQ Hardware Chrome Hardware

    • By dballona
      This is a collectors' article, besides being the best P Bass I have ever owned, without a doubt. This bass is part of the history of an incredible musician, which played with names such as Steve Vai, Neil Zaza, Cyndi Lauper, Little Steven, Tina Turner, Dan Hartman and Billy Joel and even legendary Miles Davis.

      I bought this bass from a New Jersey resident who bought it from the person who did TM's Estate sale. He visited TM's house and shipped this beauty to me in Brazil, where I used to live. Now, after moving to the UK, I am playing less and less, and it makes sense to sell this to a collector/actual player, which will take care of this legacy moving forward.

      Originality-wise, electronics of this bass are entirely original except for one of the pots. The pickguard is broken next to the cable jack, typical for old P basses. The body was obviously stripped and covered with glossy finishing – probably it is not nitro, I'd say it is PU. One thing that dates the stripping is that there's a picture of TM with this bass dating back to early 70s from what it seems... so it's been like that for a while. And a funny fact, when I got the bass, the neckplate was flipped. I left it as TM knows what works better.

      Everything else is clearly original, and I can back up originality after collecting old Fender basses for a few years.

      Included on the sale:
      - Bass;
      - OHSC;
      - Covers (both pickup and bridge);

      I will try to ship some of the memorabilia that was included in the original sale to whoever buys it. I left all of it in Brazil when I moved in as I had no intentions to sell it... if you're interested, leave me a message and I will send you more pictures.

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