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SOLD - Peavey Envoy 110 guitar combo
Wells, Somerset

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Peavey envoy 110 guitar combo. Solid made in USA construction in good condition. Single 10" speaker in open backed cab.  2 channels plus reverb.





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Now sold
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    • By RG55
      Right now, the Ashdown Studio 15 is about 30% cheaper than the Rumble 200; it's also about 30% lighter and it is 300W rms into 8ohm, vs 200w into 4ohm ( but only 140ohm into the 8 ohm speaker, need to add a cab for 200w).

      Curiously, while the Rumble can add another cab, but the Ashdown cannot -- I'm very puzzled:
      Is the speaker 4ohm -- in which case why would they quote the amp power into 8ohm?...
      Or is the speaker 8ohm -- in which case, why can't we add another speaker? Is it an amp that cannot go below 8ohm?
    • Guest
      By Guest
      1993 Peavey Foundation Bass (made in USA) - Serial Number 06113068 - Original Super Ferrite Pickups - £100
      Collection from Guildford (or I am happy to hand-deliver within reasonable distance).
      Back in 1993, I bought this Peavey Foundation while at University.  After a few years practicing with mates in a rehearsal room in Glasgow, we eventually played a few gigs around town.  When we finished Uni, we went our separate ways and the bass was packed away in a soft case.  It has moved with me each time I moved house, ending up with me in Guildford, but has been in it's case and hasn't been played since about 1997.  As I get ready to move house again in the next few months, it's probably time it found a suitable owner that would appreciate it.  
      Let me know if you are interested in buying.  Would be nice to pass it on to someone that would actually use it!

    • By nilebodgers
      Trace Elliot 1210H SMX Combo for sale. This is a 1990s model that has the SMX 12-band preamp with valve blend and dual-band compressor. Power amp is the 250-280W Mosfet version.
      Cab is 4 x 10" with horn and it has a rear slot port which makes the cabinet a little more compact. It is quite heavy though - 49kg I think.
      Has been serviced and the preamp valve replaced a few years back. All the knobs and sliders are present and condition is very good. It has been hardly used since I got it in around 2003, just stored in a flightcase in my companies warehouse. It sounds huge and punchy, but I'm retiring and downsizing soon so don't want to bring it home and try and get it to my practice space upstairs!
      It's too heavy to ship, but I can meet up or deliver for petrol money within a reasonable radius of Cambridge when we are allowed out again.
      The pics aren't great, I can take more if required when I next go to the warehouse.
      (Note: the flightcase isn't included - I don't own it. If the buyer regularly uses a van it might makes sense and I could see what it would go for (not much probably, may be foc), but the case makes it extremely bulky and heavy so I really wouldn't go there for normal car users. - see later post re. flightcase, I can include it if wanted for a little extra money)
      REDUCED - now £275.00

    • By rockman
      Original PJB Suitcase and matching 4B extension cab. No trades...
      This is a fantastic little amp, with a superbly clean sound (seriously, there is no hiding with this thing).
      Only been used for a few small gigs and rehearsals - it's mainly been a bedroom rig and I'm not really using it anymore. The original covers are included.
      I'm sure the full tech-specs can be found online, but briefly:
      200W (300W with 4B external cab) 4+4 5" speakers 2 inputs - active/passive switch and 5 band eq on each) Headphone output DI out effects loop and tuner out master limiter and volume A review here: https://www.guitarworld.com/gear/phil-jones-bass-suitcase-combo-and-4b-speaker-cab
      Pickup from Bristol or I can delivery within a reasonable distance.
      The Suitcase weighs 23kg (49lb) and the 4B is around 18kg (40lb) 

    • By basstone
      Carlsbro GLX100 combo for sale. As new condition. 2 channels and 2 master volumes selectable. All the usual EQ and reverb. Celestion speaker. Open to offers.

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