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[SOLD PLEASE DELETE] MXR Bass Dyna Comp Mini Bass Compressor Pedal
Hackney, London

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Price Drop: £90

For sale an MXR dyna comp mini bass compressor. Works perfectly, great condition. Selling as I don't really need/use it. Comes with velcro.

Collection in Hackney, London or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking.

Key Features

  • The classic Dyna Comp Compressor sound re-tuned for bass players
  • Clean control lets you add in your unaffected so that you can maintain low end integrity
  • Tone control adjusts upper midrange to retain the tonal dynamics of your bass
  • Attack switch toggles between a vintage style slow attack time and a modern style fast attack time
  • Familiar Output and Sensitivity controls set volume level and the length of sustain
  • signal-2020-12-14-125905_001.thumb.jpeg.53be85bbc7be3eb221492d5126a87422.jpegsignal-2020-12-14-125905_002.thumb.jpeg.ce672da53713d9d0ab58b253338fec23.jpeg
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