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Olympia Flats (45-100) - £13

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IIRC these are the same as those sold under the Bass Cellar Elites label.


At £13 a set can you go wrong?

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I saw these... Tempting as never tried flats, and flats are usually so expensive... then again if these were no good, would be a waste of £13, and then you still have to shell out for strings...

My SR600 is still happily wearing the Rotosound Solo Bass 55 Presurewounds that @Old Man Rivakindly sent me...

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On 12/12/2020 at 21:25, redbandit599 said:

I've had some of these and thought they were very good. You can make an offer, got mine for a tenner. 😉

Yep, they're decent flats, and as mentioned, offer a tenner 😉

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