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Locking nut for Steinberger Spirit


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17 minutes ago, DavidJTaylor said:

That’ll probably do the trick. It’s not in stock so I’ll look around, someone else might have one.

It looks like it’s an add-on though, as opposed to a replacement. Still, it’ll make restringing cheaper! Thanks for your help.

I think it slots into the ball end slots.  there are some similar items available from the USA = $45 plus $20 shipping outside of the states.




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My string adaptor just sits on the end of the existing nut. The nut end face is angled slightly, so the string tension pulls the adaptor towards the back of the neck.

Also worth checking is the 'Overlord of Music' nut and bridge set, sometimes sold individually. That nut will take standard strings, but it clamps them by bending them through 90 degrees, which some strings will not take. I don't know if it is a drop-in replacement for the existing nut assembly.


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