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Cat-proof wall hangers

Jono Bolton

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I'm looking to get a couple of wall hangers so that I don't have my instruments laying around the house. I've bought some Hercules hangers but my issue with them is that they stick out quite a bit from the wall, even the ones with the metal bracket, rather than the wooden mount. Ideally I'd like something that sits in a bit closer, but it also needs to securely hold the bass; I've got a cat who would I know would be elated at having something new to paw at, and I don't want him to be able to knock them off.

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I’ve got quite a few basses hanging and I had a few of the metal hangers come loose, not from the wall but the nut behind worked loose , the string swing ones from stewmac I’ve got now are much sturdier, and it puts the bass 55mm off the wall, if that’s any help 🙂

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