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MusicMan Stingray V  - 20th Anniversary Ltd Ed. (2007) - 4.48g KG


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MusicMan Stingray V  - 20th Anniversary  - 
Still needing to sell a couple of things to pay for a couple of expensive incomings I've had in the last month.
Firstly - How much prettier do these look without half of the body covered in a huge plastic scratchplate??


This is the 20th anniversary edition of the Stingray 5 model from 2007.
This is a fairly rare bass, I think only c330 of these basses were made.


Just one small blemish on the body as shown pointed out into the photo, also a small scuff on the headstock.  So pretty good condition indeed for a 13 year old bass.
Weight - 4.485KG / 9lb 14oz - so decent sub 10lb weight.

The special features are sunset burst flamed maple top, the humbucker (ALNICO) configuration and the very comfortable neck profile. 

The shape of the body differs slightly from the standard Ray5 line and also the neck pocket is more similar to the USA Sterling's pocket. 
Under the pickups is a mahagony toneblock that gives the bass a different natural voice to a regular Stingray 5.
Also note the very nice binding stripe around the body shape.
Exclusive to this anniversary instrument, the pre-amp was specially designed to accentuate the low-end frequencies while gaining additional clarity, sustain and response.
Paying tribute to the earliest Sting Ray 5 models, the instrument's pickups come equipped with Alnico magnets.
Further changes to a regular Stingray 5 include an inlayed mahogany Tone Block centred underneath the sweet spot of the pickup and a five-bolt neck attachment providing smoother access to higher frets.
This anniversary edition Musicman bass features an Ash body with a flame maple top in an exclusive custom California Sunset finish.

Specifications :

- Body Ash with quilted maple top and mahogany “tone block”ash body with mahogany tone block and quilted maple top
 - Neck Maple
 - Fingerboard Rosewood
- Exclusive custom California Sunset
- Profiled neck heel with 5 screws
- G & G Anniversary Case
 - Nut Compensated
 - Neck width at nut 13/4"
 - Neck width at 22nd fret 2 3/4"
 - Pickup Music Man humbucker with Alnico magnets
 - Tone controls Bass, mid, treble - the preamp was tailor made for this model (better low frequencies, clarity, sustain).
£1600 collected from me in Chorley, Lancashire - As per current tier rules and social distancing to be observed.
Or can ship at cost.















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On 01/12/2020 at 21:10, bagsieblue said:

Firstly - How much prettier do these look without half of the body covered in a huge plastic scratchplate??

So right...

Why would you want to sell this...sell the kids instead😜

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