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Tempo changing app for iPad recommendations?


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I'd appreciate any recommendations for the above.

I'm throwing demos at my drummer at an alarming rate at the minute, straight out of Cubase in WAV, with a click put on and any drum tracks I've cobbled together removed. These are then downloaded to the Ipad, auxed in to an electronic kit and used to develop drum parts.

What we're after is an app in which we can either open or upload the tracks, and vary the tempo without changing pitch, so they can be slowed down to get the parts together, then worked up to tempo as you would learning a part against just a metronome.

Free is good, but paid is fine for something good. Ease of use is the most important thing here. Ideally it would work with wav files, but I guess I could run the tracks through an online converter for other formats if neccessary.

Thanks in advance! 😊

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