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Sire V7 with J-Retro **SOLD**

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Lockdown has meant that I've brought loads of my gear home/out of storage. It's been great! But, I've have started to realise how much has amassed over the years. 

So, going to start putting some bits and bobs up for sale.

Next is this Sire that I brought to leave at college to teach with. I brought it home during lockdown and dropped in a John East U-retro. I always thought it was a good sounding bass before, punching well above it's weight. The new preamp makes it way more versatile than the stock one. 

Have still got the pickguard some where. 

Btw this one doesn't seem particularly heavy. Gen 1 I think? 

It's been well gigged by the previous owner. Natural reliving! I can see why, it's awesome. 







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6 minutes ago, Quasar79 said:

Has the fretboard round edges?

Don't think so. Just looking through my emails and think it's a first gen? 

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7 hours ago, Quasar79 said:

That is possible, thank you for your fast replies.

No worries, it is a gen 1. Looked up the serial number. 

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