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Pedal making a fast ticking noise (sound file attached!)

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Hi, I’m hoping someone may be able to help with this.

Last week I bought a Two Notes C.A.B.M+ pedal to use with my bass and guitar preamps, straight into an FRFR speaker.

It’s basically an IR loader with some other useful stuff like a simulated pre and power amp, so you can run your pedalboard straight into it. It’s a fantastic bit of kit and Two Notes gear is very well respected.

Anyway, when I take my CABM+, plug in an instrument, power it up, plug it into an FRFR speaker / or use headphones, I get a very fast ticking noise in the background. It’s the sort of ticking you sometimes get if your phone is in your pocket and it gets picked up by your wireless transmitter. Excuse the quality of the attached recording, I was holding my iPhone to the speaker grill.

Changing the volume on the pedal does not make the ticking louder or quieter. It’s at a constant low-level volume. I’ve tried the supplied power supply, my Strymon Zuma and my OneSpot Pro power supplies with no improvement.

When I hold the pedal in both hands tightly and touch the prongs in the XLR out socket. The ticking disappears.

I had an electrician (who’s also a guitarist) visit my house last weekend and check my earth, and ring mains, etc. which were fine.

I’ve been back and forward with Two Notes engineers, who have finally said they will send me a grounded power supply, but surely the Strymon and OneSpot are grounded?

Can anyone help with why this may be happening? I’ve searched every corner of the internet and nobody else seems to have this problem with the CABM+.





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I have a house full of LED bulbs and dimmers switches 😬. Could the environment really affect it that badly? No other pedals/kit are affected (and I have a bunch!)

Maybe I'll take it to another building and try it?

Thank you!

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Just to get a basic issue out of the way first, the specs say it's 12v 2W - are you sure you're using a 12v rather than 9v, and that you've got enough current available to it? I only ask as I've done that in the past... 🙄

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Yes! They have now sent me two power supplies, and I've tried with my own Strymon and OneSpot, set to correct voltage. I have no idea what this noise is!

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