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Over the past few months on here and other bass related platforms I’ve noticed a lot of questions about online lessons and people encountering issues with teachers wether thats the teacher not being very good or not having access to one. Having messaged a few of people to get more info I'd had a few new students start from across the globe. Since I have a lot more space available for teaching now I'm happy to take on anybody who is interested in lessons. It really doesn't matter where you are located since it's all online for the foreseeable, I've currently got students in the States and as far away as New Zealand.

For the past 8 years I’ve been working as a professional musician. This has taken me across the world and regularly takes me across the UK. I’ve got experience in everything from television, radio, recording sessions, big bands, function bands, singer songwriters, jazz and theatre pits. Have you ever taken a double bass up a very perilous hill to play while someone proposed to their partner? I have! Bass is my specialist instrument, I am not a guitarist who also teaches bass. I was at college studying music and then progressed to University. I have a BA(Hons) degree in music from Edinburgh Napier University where my specialist subjects were jazz and first study electric bass.

I’ve taken private lessons with Janek Gwizdala, Anthony Wellington, Jeff Berlin and Sharay Reed. As a teacher I have taught privately for 12 years. I teach as an instrumental instructor in schools so I’ve got experience from the absolute beginner to more seasoned players regardless of age group. Students have gone on to pass exams both in school and graded, gotten accepted to places in college/university, started/joined bands and generally just getting out and playing more to have fun.

So if you are interested in lessons then please PM me and we can have a chat about it all.

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