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NBD would you return this?

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2 hours ago, mcnach said:


The thing is that unlike those appliances, in a guitar usually all of those things can be adjusted relatively easily in most cases... but you need some experience. Or help from someone with experience. 

I would expect a better setup than what you describe from the box, but the truth is I always end up setting instruments to my taste, so a setup is always factored in. It's very rare I find an instrument plays right for me from the start. Basic setups are something worth learning to do early on. It'll save you a lot of hassle down the line, plus you may find some bargains along the way too as sometimes people sell instruments they don't get along with simply because the setup is terrible (once I had a guy giving me £20 back after I had decided to buy his bass, because the action was too high - but everything worked, it was an OLP Stingray clone with the wheel at the body end, and easy to check on the spot, which I did when I noticed the crazy amount of relief...) 



Yeah I usually do basic setups when i get a new instrument (adjust saddle height, tighten truss rod if buzzing from the bottom half of the neck, loosen if buzzing on the first few frets)but I think with this one based on my experience as it is only buzzing on the one fret (albeit very bad fret buzz) that it is the fretwork that is causing issues rather than the neck relief, that being said I would love to be pleasantly surprised so I will try tightening the truss rod a tad and see if it goes.

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I suspect you're right about the high fret/s.  It's very common on basses at the cheaper end of the scale, in my experience.  If you're adjusting the truss rod anyway, maybe set the neck completely flat and test your hypothesis with a straight edge.  If you are lucky the fret isn't fully seated and you can tap it down with a fret hammer or similar, although that's never done the trick for me.

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10 hours ago, tom1946 said:

I agree with everyone strangely.... :)

The Internet's not for you then I'm afraid. 😁

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