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Sansamp VT DI now £130 SOLD
North Manchester

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sold elsewhere 

Up for sale is my Sansamp VT DI pedal - got this earlier from a BC’er and put it through its paces, but it’s not exactly my cup of tea, so up it goes.

Brilliant o/d pedal, DI or preamp (or all 3 at once if you like) for any kind of Ampeg sounding grind (or not, depending on how you set it) from mild to fuzzed-out!








in very good condition with Velcro on the bottom.

Price includes delivery to mainland uk address.

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Yeah, I think COVID has made people a bit twitchy about unnecessary purchases.

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That is so true. If I was gigging I'd have bought this ages ago. I use the original VT Bass at every gig, and would like to upgrade to this but just not at the minute. GLWTS.

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Yeah, great for home and studio recording too though... ;)


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    • By TheGreek
      Probably not our friend Mr Mason...
    • By JapanAxe
      <|| NOW JUST £130 - see edit below ||>
      The PSA-1 is a 1U rack device that uses analog modelling to simulate the sounds of classic amps. Effectively you can set separate distortion levels for low, mid, and high frequencies. It comes loaded with 49 presets covering various Marshall, Fender and Boogie amps as well as bass amps. The signal path is 100% analog, but you can save settings to one of 49 user memory locations. The programs can be accessed form Up/Down buttons on the front panel, or by MIDI program change.

      The Tech 21 'character' pedals use the same sort of technology but with some of the parameters pre-set to suit the kind of amp they are mimicking. Here you have the full range of tweakability.

      The PSA-1 can be considered a pre-amp or an amp simulator, but it doesn't have any onboard speaker simulation as such. It can be used into a clean guitar or bass amp, or into a power amp with a suitable guitar or bass cab. For direct recording most of the (dirtier) sounds also require a cab simulator device, IR loader or similar. Even so, I recorded the clean guitar in this clip without a cab sim.

      To me, the standout guitar presets are 07 (Hendrix - Marshall), 12 (Stevie Ray - Fender) and 48 (AC30 Queen). There are also a number of bass presets including SVT and Bassman. As is usually the case with presets, you probably won't like them all, so copy one you like to an empty memory slot and tweak away.

      There are plenty of connectivity options including front and rear inputs, FX loop, balanced outs, and MIDI in/out.

      The unit is in full working order. There is an in-line IEC plug/socket part way down the mains lead, which makes it easier to run through rack panels. The only negatives I can find are:
      (1) The Up/Down buttons sometimes jump more than one increment at a time (but it's easy enough to go back to where you want to be);
      (2) Some of the lettering has worn away on the rear panel;
      I don't have a hard copy manual but you can download it here.

      Reason for sale: I have used this much less since getting a Revival Drive!
      I have just refunded the original buyer and this is now back up for sale at just £150 £130 delivered. The buyer reported that the unit exhibited a random clicking in use. I realised this had happened to me once, and I also remembered what it was and how to fix it. When you call up a preset, the unit uses the stored data to set all the parameters. Once you start turning the controls, it 'reads' the parameter values from the pot settings. When you turn a control it updates these values, and you can get a click. Also if one of them is near the crossover point between one value and the next, it can jump back and forth between these values, again causing a click each time this happens. If you save settings to a spare memory location as you go, the clicking goes away. The buyer agreed this seemed to be the case, but requested a refund, which I was happy to provide as this would have been in the description had I remembered it. I have had the unit plugged in this evening and I have been unable to get it to misbehave. However, it can happen, and it is an easy fix. So, yours for just £150 £130, looking like it does, and with some minor niggles as described here. No trades thanks. These are selling for a lot more on eBay!

      Not really looking for trades thanks.

      Here's a dude showing off some of the guitar presets:

    • By tonyclaret
      Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe Pedal
      Great pedal allowing you to capture a range of tones and save in 6 presets.
      Used condition, fully functional.
      £145 posted within UK

    • By Golder7
      Hi guys,
      I am one of those who lurk around here and very rarely post! But, I'm in need of some advice for where I go next with some pedals...
      For reference, my gear is Musicman Stingray (2004-3EQ), Fender MIM P (2008/9), Ashdown ABM EVO III 500, Ashdown ABM 410T, Boss TU-2 and EHX Deluxe Bass Big Muff.
      As far as what I am doing and wanting to achieve? Well, I started a functions band at the beginning of the year... whilst COVID has hampered us slightly it's meant we've been able to practice more and really hone our sounds. As it's functions and I will play finger style / plectrum / slap I feel I really need a compressor, something to even out the volume across styles and the neck etc. Additionally, I am looking at having a SANSAMP bass driver so on the occasion where we are in a small venue I don't need to use my (big, heavy) amp and go straight in to our PA, or equally if we are doing a big hall I can just use my amp for monitoring.
      So my dilemma... do I get a compressor and SANSAMP pedal, or go for something like the Tech 21 Fly Rig?
      The pedals I have been looking at are the MXR M87 and the SANSAMP Bass Driver. Currently, at Andertons these will come in at £370. Benefits I see is that this is 'modular' so I can change pedals if I want to, and potentially I have more control a) in terms of signal path and b) in terms of what each pedal can do. Also, I can buy one at a time which would mean getting one sooner
      Whereas the Fly Rig is £275, which would be a slightly larger outlay at the beginning... but would be done in one go... plus, the convenience of carrying one thing to gigs... It also has other fun things I may use at some point. I particularly like the fun I think i'd have with the filter!
      Any experience with either set up would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance guys!
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