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Tech 21 DI-2112...anyone tried one yet?

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Although I'd identify as a bit of a whore for Tech 21 kit, I'm presently down to a single unit (the dUg) and admit that I do still feel somewhat let down by their aftercare following the failure of the rack GED-2112.

Due to inactivity caused by the virus, I've been playing less, but the newish DI-2112 has picqued my interest, but at £400 I'm unsure whether I can justify pulling the trigger on this, given the dUg does everything I want, given I previously described this unit as being like the GED on steroids.

Anyone bought one?

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I’d be interested to find out as well, love my Tech21 gear as well.

Currently for me tho, DP3X, dUg amp and PSA 2.0 cover a lot of territory, it would have to go some to edge in or replace

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On 26/12/2020 at 20:35, Billy Apple said:

Anyone got this?

Yes, Christmas present from wifey.

I have spent a few hours with it, trying to get the tone I want on its own and interacting with the other pedals on my board but I'm not there yet.

Due to the lockdown I haven't been to a rehearsal studio to play through a rig at decent levels so I haven't come to any conclusions yet but...

There are 2 channels.  The 'deep' channel has a pre baked in Geddy eq with just level and saturation adjustments available.  This appears to be a drop at 80Hz and a bump at 400 Hz ish.  I'm not certain as I've been fiddling with the levels on the 2nd channel 'drive' to try to replicate the deep channel and the above alterations get me close, but I am playing this through an Elf, which has a baked in slight mid scoop when the eq is flat.

The 'drive' channel has a very useful parametric mid shift (from 170 Hz to 3Khz).

So far the best tone I have got has been with a blend of the two channels but it is early days yet.

I'll post in the pedal board section too, with comments about how the other pedals on the board interact with it.



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