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♦ ️ Vendo este bajo de la marca De Gier, con tan solo 10 meses.

Modelo BeBop 4, acabado "reliquia".

Aún en garantía (14 meses).

Estoy interesado en un cambio por un bajo de 5 cuerdas tipo Fender Ultra Jazz Bass V o similar;

También estoy interesado en Yamaha trb 5p (Ajustando la diferencia de valor)


Bodywood: Aliso. 

Mástil: arce.

Diapasón: Palisandro.

Incrustaciones: Puntos perlados blancos.

Pastillas: Fralin.

Puente: Cromo.

Sintonizadores: Chrome.

Color: Sunburst de 3 tonos.

Acabado de reliquia.

Golpeador: Celuloide de tortuga roja más oscura.

Bolsa original incluida.

Gastos de envío compartidos.










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    • By Marc S
      This one is really going to hurt - But The "cull" must continue, sadly - I need to reduce the amount of "stuff" I own, and thin my collection (although this need has lessened a little lately).

      For sale only is my Limelight medium relic Precision, in faded Fiesta Red. This really is a superbly built bass, as anyone who knows Mark's work really is.
      NOTE: This bass has a Jazz width neck (which is what I asked Mark for)

      I don't know what pickups Mark uses in his Limelight range - but they sound superb.... the bass has a lovely warm vintage tone. It weighs around 4kg, according to my digital scales. Currently strung with Round wounds, which are in great shape (I put flats on it for a while, but have recently put the supplied round-wounds back on it).

      I don't have a case or spare gigbag, so you will need to bring your own. Collection only - or we can meet somewhere mutually convenient -  I have an excellent Bose Battery powered amp, or Vox Amp Headphones for you to listen to the bass. 

    • By SurroundedByManatees
      Beautiful Overwater fretless bass, custom made for the original owner around 2005.
      The bass has a stunning quilted maple top and a nice green/blue burst finish. The fretboard is made of ebony.  It's an active bass.

      There are several cosmetic damages to be found around the bass; dents, scratches, missing paint chips; battle scars. The fretboard shows signs of use but is definitely in very good condition. All hardware and electronics function like they should. The bass plays very well and has plenty of the mwah you want from a decent fretless. 
      An original, high quality Overwater gigbag/softcase is included.
      Now €1.150
      I am located in the Netherlands, but happy to ship at buyers risk (insured, well packed)
    • By FEND3R

       1990 Fender Custom shop fretless Jazz Bass. As you can expect from a John Page era custom shop bass – a superb instrument and one of the earliest Fender fretless jazz basses that I have seen from Fender (after the extremely rare ones from the 70s).
      As one can expect the bass has been played a lot and shows a lot of dings and dongs, patina on the hardware, etc., but is all original and in perfect functional condition: straight neck with more place in the truss rod to adjust (it is not maxed out), all electronics and hardware work accordingly, action can be set very nice and low. The bass is superbly responsive, resonates extremely well with great dynamics and the harmonics are just amazing – it both sings and does the “mwah” just as well. I have not made any attempts to renew the hardware (remove the patina), because IMHO it gives it character, but if you wish my bass tech can do that prior to shipping. Width at nut is 38mm and the bass weights 4,07kg. according to my home scale. It comes with a black tolex case, probably not original.
      More detailed pictures can be found here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/xzum76RP3hJfic3s5
      Why am I selling it if its such a great bass – I am letting go a part of my collection and keeping only the vintage precisions. The asking price is less than what it costed me, but can consider sensible offers. No trades, I am afraid, unless it is a well played pre-1974 precision or recent B-15. Also, if you purchase it and do not find yourself to like it – I can take it back as long as you cover the shipping and payment fees.
      Any questions – please, feel free to ask. Price includes shipping to most parts of EU.  
      You can check my feedback here : 
    • By Dee-bass
      Beautiful Anaconda custom Ultra J5 A3. 
      Great condition & strung with DR Blues.
      This is a custom special order hand made instrument.
      It’s had a recent full service & set up by Andy Warnock. The action is set Low & plays superbly. Very light & comfortable, Perfectly balanced on a strap. 
      American Walnut Top
      Swamp Ash body 
      Wenge Fingerboard
      Hipshot Tuners
      Glockenklang Pre Amp/ Active & Passive 
      Woodhead low output pickups, very sweet sounding 
      Brass Nut 
      Hipshot adjustable bridge 
      Poss open to trades

    • By waylander
      Hey All
      Update : so I think it’s either the eq on the amp and/or the bass itself. I dug my old thunderbird out and initially had the same issue.
      with that one turning the tone right up helped bring the sound out more. However the jazz didn’t work with the same treatment
      original post:
      ive got a fender jazz bass with a quiet open A string problem. When played acoustically or with an mxr thump pedal it’s fine, all sounds equal. However when just going into the amp going from a fretted note to an open the sound drops noticeably.
      one thing that might/might not be related is the four middle magnets on the pickups are elevated, idk why it was done by its previous owner and I haven’t got round to getting it sorted. 
      it could be how the settings on my amp are. I haven’t played around much to find my tone yet so if there’s any eq suggestions I’m open to them
      any thoughts on what’s causing it?

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