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Fender Player Bass Bridge - 2 shown - £25 each SOLD
East Sussex

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Genuine Fender Player MIM bass bridges taken from 20193764934_BridgestopDSCF6603.thumb.jpg.445f99f9925d139543ede4338cd2ad21.jpg19 Player basses.

Latest 'black screw' versions.

Both in almost unused condition (very slight marks under the height screws consistent with having been fitted) and complete with mounting screws and saddle adjustment tool.

They fit most Fender, Squier and other basses that use the Fender/Gotoh five hole mounting pattern.

Usable on other basses if new mounting holes drilled in the body.

Price is for a single bridge - open to offers for the pair - and includes UK postage.

(new price is around £50 I believe)1526091924_BridgesbaseDSCF6602.thumb.jpg.f0795fb069a0b36413db14c9ff85384d.jpg193764934_BridgestopDSCF6603.thumb.jpg.445f99f9925d139543ede4338cd2ad21.jpg1526091924_BridgesbaseDSCF6602.thumb.jpg.f0795fb069a0b36413db14c9ff85384d.jpg193764934_BridgestopDSCF6603.thumb.jpg.445f99f9925d139543ede4338cd2ad21.jpg


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