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Small practice amp recommended, after something tiny with decent-ish sound, does such a thing exist


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Am looking at downsizing and at some point in the near future will have to look into practice amps and after suggestion. 

The thing is that whilst there are decent practice amps out there they are generally a little too big for my tiny studio flat so what I am after (if it exists) is a very small practice amp with decent-ish sound, I have seen a couple with 6.5" speaker but no idea if they are any good, although it will be for practice I still want a useable sound so that I enjoy practicing and so bass response is important, doesn't have to be low end dub monster but I would like as much bass response as I get from an Amplug , tried the Vox Pathfinder and the bass was non existent on that practice amp


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Like @Dan Dare I'm hesitant to recommend anything without a budget, but I will say I own a 6.5" combo, and it's too good for practice in that it can get seriously loud and the tone is excellent: The GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp[1] at ~£300


Your needs will probably be different to mine, but I bought it with the intention of gigging it with an upright bass. I wrote a review of it on TalkBass comparing it with my other combo, an Acoustic Image Coda Series III.

Hope that helps.

[1] Well, I actually got the more expensive coax version which goes full range and is fantastic, but for just bass guitar may not be worth the added expense.



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1 minute ago, wateroftyne said:

If you can find an original Ibanez Promethean, I doubt you'll find anything better for the size.

They are excellent!

I was devastated when I thought mine was unrepairable.

(Matamp fixed it :))

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Markbass Micromark 801 is pretty good. Got one recently from Bass Direct after deciding to downsize amp stuff. It definitely has the Markbass sound, but in a very small package - cube that's 26cm on a side. Surprisingly loud too. Bottom end is good if not stunning. There's a socket to use a min. 8 ohm cab. It goes quite nicely with the Ampeg 2x10 that I've still got (and should really get rid of...)
Plus (or minus) it's got quite a lot of yellow :D

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Another vote for Phil Jones.  Jewel like quality in tiny packages.  If you can afford it the Barefaced One10 is a remarkble tiny cab that can handle up to 500w, yet I have to put a beer glass on it to stop it blowing away.  You don't see them around much any more but the Roland 60 and 100/120 offer a great range of sounds in a small package.  

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Admittedly I have a Stomp for tone shaping, but I've got a Rumble 100, into which I've put a 'proper' Eminence speaker, and it's loud enough for drummer rehearsals and small bar gigs (I wish). Possibly bigger than the OP wants, but it's very light...

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3 hours ago, Quilly said:

If you're really looking for a low powered tone machine, consider a small valve head like the Ashdown CTM 30 / Little Bastard and a One10 Barefaced cab. Other contenders are the Ampeg PF20 or 50. 

Or even the little Ashdown CTM15. There's one on ebay at the moment for £250 plus £10 postage (it's not mine by the way - if I had one I wouldn't be selling 😁). 

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How much do you want to spend and how big or small must it be? Do you want desktop size (PJB Double Four, Cub, Ashdown B Social, Yamaha THR) or something a little bigger (Roland Bass Cube 30, Fender Rumble 15, Ashdown Studio 8, Orange Crush Bass 25). I don't know if amp features come in to play with your decision either , such as aux in, headphone out, bluetooth, drive channel etc. 

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