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NBD - Music Man Stingray


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So after reading the thread about Cliff Williams of AC/DC getting a signature Stingray it reignited the want for one. I love Stingrays but have ever managed to “tame” the sound, but then I’ve only ever had the 3eq versions. I have however read that the 2eq is beefier sounding so thought, I’ll give one a try if a black/black/maple one comes along. And it did at the weekend on EBay. Sealed the deal, delivered today. Like an excited child I got home and to work on a clean/set-up and in honour of Cliff, a set of D’Addario Chromes. It’s a 1987 model with the truss rod adjuster in the headstock, and the silver battery cover. It has some nice authentic road wear on it, nothing hideous, just the signs of a 30+ year old gigged instrument. But all that doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t enjoy playing it. Well I settled down in front of YouTube to some of my fave covers and an hour and a half passed in an instant, yes, the ‘Ray passed the test, I love playing it, and yes, the 2eq is beefier sounding. Oh, the beauty in question, well it’s as below.



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59 minutes ago, TheGreek said:

Does anybody know what happened to the real Lozz?? Remember him? He only played P basses...this fella's obviously a fraud...😉😉

Hope you enjoy the new bass..

I’m just an imitation of my former self, Mick 🤣

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Was that the one on eBay Lozz?

The BIN price was very reasonable for one of the best period of EBMM basses

Ive had pre eb rays - a 78, 79 and an 82 - and IMHO these EBMM late 80’s basses are and sound pretty much the same 

An excellent buy well done

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I owned a couple of USA SUBs about 10 years ago. They had the 2 band EQ and I really loved the sound.

I compared it to a bass guitar with a kick drum underneath each note. Each note had a real punch.

I now own the 'Real Thing', a 2014 3 EQ Stingray, but it doesn't have the same punch as those old SUBs I used to own, although I have to admit the neck is much better.

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Very nice, congratulations @Lozz196

After having many 3-eq ‘rays I too recently picked up a lovely 2 band (a ‘92) from eBay, again at what I thought a bargain price. Must get around to doing a NBD.

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From what I’ve read the 3eq has a low pass filter in it, making it more focused. You can get near the 2 with the 3 but in my limited experience with ‘Rays it’s not the same. There’s just more grunt to the 2 in flat mode than the 3.

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