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Sire M7 4str 1st Gen

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Here we have a 1st generation  Sire M7 4 string.


Anyone who has played one of these will confirm that the pre-amps give a bewildering array of options, and this model is also equipped with series parallel switching for each pickup too. The bass itself has a really nice feel, good neck and nice action. Its currently wearing flats but will be back to rounds for the sale.

The amble from Sire/Marcus Miller - And plenty more info if you like here - https://www.sire-revolution.com/product/sire-marcus-miller-m7/

Body Material : Alder/Ash with Solidtop Hard Maple Wood

Body Shape : New Modern Bass

Body Color : Alder Body – BRB, TBLB | Ash Body – NT, TBKB

Neck Material : Canadian Hard Maple(Scarf Joint)

Neck Shape : C-Shape

Scale : 34”-35“(For 5 string 35” for clear low B)

Neck Joint : 4/5 Bolt Individual Dot (5 hole for 5 string)

Fingerboard(Rolled Edges) : Ebony 

Fingerboard Radius : 12”

Frets : Medium, 24 Frets

String Nut : 4 String – Natural Bone 38mm width / 5 String – Natural Bone 45mm width 

Binding : None

Inlay : White Pearl Dot

Pickups : Marcus Pure-H Revolution Set

Electronics : Marcus Miller Heritage-3 with Middle Frequency Control

Knobs : Modern Black Plastic

Bridge : Marcus Miller Heavy Mass Custom

Tuning Gear : Sire Diecasting Gear

Hardware Finish : Black



The weight according to my bathroom scales is 3.8kg.

Blemishes, ive done my best to photograph them. There is a couple of small dents near the battery box, another near the jack and one more on the bottom horn at the back. Nothing too glaring, and certainly not 'roadworn'.

Id much rather this was collected from near Axminster, I do travel around a bit for my various works, and am willing to meet if someone wishes within reason.

No description available.

No description available.

No description available.

No description available.

No description available.

No description available.

No description available.

No description available.

No description available.


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11 minutes ago, spyder said:

Any chance of actual pictures please.

Oh, that's wierd, where've my pics gone?


**edit new pics attached

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There are some elements which wouldn't normally be my cup of tea, but these just jive right. I'd see them being a  cracking fretless.


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    • By Jolltax
      I have never even picked up a bass before but finally plucked up the courage to fulfil a lifelong ambition (I'm 54) and bought a Sire Marcus Miller M2 from Andertons, and it arrived ..... v exciting. I also bought a guitar stand, strap and cable from Amazon. I was encouraged to post this by the nice people in the 'Introductions' group.  I wanted something relatively 'budget' to learn on, I guess if I make progress I can upgrade later.
      Today I subscribed to the Bassbuzz online lesson programme, successfully tuned my bass and then completed my first lesson! It definitely makes bass-like noises and I am very proud of myself!
      I don't have an amp, my plan is to play through my Focusrite audio interface into my computer, which seems to be working OK so far.  I use headphones which seem to cope quite well and sound great but unsurprisingly my 'high power' computer speakers completely crap themselves if I try and play through them, I hate the way they sound anyway so I kind of enjoy torturing them to be honest but its not an issue, I'll just use the headphones.
      Here are some photos of my guitar (is it OK to call it that or is it strictly a bass?), hope I haven't gone over the top.  It seems sturdy and seems to work well, I am very happy with it - but if I was being hyper critical I would probably say some of the details/ finish  look a bit basic - bear in mind this is the only bass I have ever held (heh) :

      I am a complete beginner, watching too many videos of people adjusting their guitars on YouTube has freaked me out a bit,  the 'action' on my bass at the 12th fret appears to be about 3 mm - which from what I read is OK?

      I have also twiddled all the knobs vigorously on my er ... bass... and can definitely hear the passive / active switch, but the tone ones not so much.
      Anyway, I am really enjoying the whole experience so far, on Day 2, heh
      Hi etc!
    • By Chaz6661
      Hi! So I recently stumbled across a Sire V7, version 2 Marcus miller on Facebook, £375. I believe it's the swamp ash version, all natural with maple fretboard and white pearl block inlays. 
      I've never heard of these before but after a quick Google all the reviews seems pretty solid! I've been in the market for a new bass for a while now and I'm extremely torn. I've been after a Jaguar, purchased a couple (had to send the first back and the same with the one I bought second, paint issues, loose hardware, sharp frets, dents etc). Both Mexican tidepool and I love the look but the quality was really lacking. I've also been looking at a fender modern player "Tele" bass on Facebook which looks awesome but is Chinese. I've also been considering squiers, I tried out the new VM Jag and wasn't impressed but the 51 pbass was lovely with a unique pine body in trans white but the neck was too thick for me. So as you can see I'm struggling anyway but I just wondered how do sire bass guitars compare to the likes of a high end squier or a Mexican fender? 
      My absolute max budget it about 600/650 but the cheaper the better. My current go to is my mexican jazz, white with maple neck, I've had that for about 6 years now and I even sold my Rickenbacker because imo it didn't compare to the jazz whatsoever. I'm looking for something that has the jazz's playability and great feel buy aesthetically is something different with a slightly different sound but not too different. That's the only reason I haven't just snapped a sire up straight away. Unfortunately I don't like "normal" pbass's all that much, so they're mostly out of the question but the 50's versions I dig.
      Sorry to ramble on but this has been going on for months in my head now! Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    • By Mudpup
      Lockdown boredom finally got to me.....after far too many hours cruising around on this site I kept returning to the Bass Centre Betsy thread and decided i wanted one. I read all the reviews i could find and watched Guys Lockdown Licks avidly. I've owned quite a few basses but never a 'proper' Jazz (I had a Blacktop Jazz a few years ago but apart from the body shape and the neck there was nothing jazzy about it), it was my birthday, i sold my bike and the missus gave me the ok. The scene was set, credit card poised and off i trotted to the Bass Centre website. This is where it goes a bit wonky....none available until the end of July. Dangnabbit! And i'm not very patient either 😂
      During my research I'd spotted a Sire V7 version 2 in a similar colour and it was a bit cheaper. Great reviews in general for them and tbh i've always seemed to end up with active basses so having the preamp kind of appealed to me. Andertons didn't have any left in the colour/fretboard that I wanted and they weren't sure if they could get anymore but a quick look at Thomann secured my new toy. Three days later and it's sat in my front room. It's a difficult colour to photograph and i wasn't sure i would like the pearly scratchplate so i had popped a mint one in the basket along with some nicer metal knobs to potentially (see what i did there) replace the plastic ones.
      I'm totally blown away with how they deliver this bass for £400. I've been lucky enough to have a lot of good basses over the last few years - a Spector Euro, various Musicmen, a couple of Fenders, a Sandberg, a G&L (which i've just put in the classifieds as a result) and I still have a Zon. This little £400 bass stands up with all of them. I can't find any issues at all with it and it was perfectly set up and in tune when i took it out of the box. The neck is so easy to play (rolled edges are great) with a lovely ebony board (even with a busted finger!), the preamp is a work of art - it sounds great passive anyway (and what i think a decent jazz should sound like) - but when you kick the preamp in the bass really comes alive. Huge bass, sparkling treble and a sweepable mid makes it seem like you can do anything with it. The tuners seem fine. The bridge looks a bit cheap so that may get a little upgrade down the line but it's just a vanity thing and i need to pop a Detuner on. I've had the bass a week and can't stop picking it up 🙂 The metal knobs made a nice final difference and i haven't decided which scratchplate i like best so i've done a poll. 
      I still really fancy a Betsy though.....

    • By mrfunky
      Hey guys,
      up for sale is my Sire Marcus Miller 5 string, gen 1 - the one with satin neck and satin body.. Ash body, really nice and really light for and ash body (4 - 4.1 kg), well balanced, the best one and lightest one I played. It has all those M7 variable sounds with all the switches for each pick up (series, single coil, parallel) +  very flexible preamp.  Almost perfect shape, couple little scratches + ding on the headstock. Everything works on the bass. Most importantly - It has BOTH battery covers
      If someone would like this bass as a project bass - I can sell just the body and neck as well (200£)..
      Shipping included in price!
      I would rather sell...but possible trades / partial trades possible 
      bass: 5 string jazz (of course Vintage Sire jazz is welcomed), Yamaha BB605, BBG5 A/S,  TRB 5, BB1025, BB735
      amp: Tecamp Puma 500/900, Tecamp D1000
      cab: Lightweight 1x10/1x12 cabinet (Eg. Barefaced, Schroeder..)

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