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Marky Screen

*SOLD* Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus £90 inc. UK postage

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IMG_20201004_213750.thumb.jpg.fbbbd3cbb24fa919d429ace08b341f25.jpgPretty much the daddy of bass chorus pedals, except maybe the analogman one (although this has a much broader range of useable and interesting sounds available).

Not getting much use these days.

Good condition with tin.

Include UK postage.





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    • By Baloney Balderdash
      Electro Harmonix has announced a new analog Vibrato and Chorus pedal they call Eddy :
      Here's the manual on EHX's homepage:
      And here's a short article about it:
      Looks really promising and the above article says that the street price will be just 99$ (equal to about 74£/600 Danish Kroner), about half of the price I thought it was going to cost after watching the video.
      I might need to get one of these.
      Judging from the video the vibrato sounds beautiful, but would like to hear a bit more of the chorus side, and ideally a demo of it on bass, before I decide to pull the trigger.
    • By elliott_Þórunn
      VFE Choral Reef pedal in perfect condition.
      Extremely versatile and tweakable analog chorus/flanger/vibrato pedal with momentary mode and 3 modes for delay times.
      Comes with box, instructions, sticker and feet.
      Cash on collection or I can post the pedal.
      Trade offers will be considered (especially of a Southampton Fifth Gear V2/Utility Knife, or one of the Ibanez Modulation Delays).
      Buyer is responsible for any Paypal fees.
      New price - £150

    • By bassmansam
      Fantastic chorus pedal for bass - Used condition but in full working order. Velcro attached to the bottom. 
      No original box but pedal will be packaged securely. 
      Price includes postage to UK. 

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      I needed a lush chorus effect so I decided to experiment with the Toneprint editor to turn my TC Electronic Shaker Mini into one.
      I am aware that you can actually chose the modulation type of this pedal in the Toneprint editor, giving you a few options for different chorus models, but non of them were really lush enough sounding for what I had in mind, so I tried to see if it was possible to achieve by blending the vibrato model with cleans, since that is basically what a chorus effect is, and boy did I succeed.
      The result was a thick lush chorus effect somewhat reminiscent to that of the legendary Boss CE-1.
      Here is the walk through on how to program it in the Toneprint editor in case you want to try it out for yourself :
      First of all chose the "Pete's Vibrato" template (not sure if this actually matters, as in if there are some parameters not accessible with the retail Toneprint editor that was used to create the templates, or not).
      Then edit it as follows : 
      First toggle the "Kill dry" switch off in the "Router" tab
      Then go to the "Modulation" tab and set following parameters as explained :
      - Modulation type : Vibrato
      - Modulation active : On
      - LFO Waveform : Triangle
      - HiCut : 5 kHz
      - Output Level : -7 dB
      - Delay Time 2 : 5.1 ms
      - Delay Time 3 : 10.1 ms
      - Feedback : 30.5 %
      - Feedback HiCut : 8 kHz
      - Vib Ramp Time : 21 ms
      Then go to the "Mapping" tab and edit as follows :
      - Assign the Depth knob to : "Modulation - Depth 1" ;  "Modulation Depth 2" ; "Modulation Depth 3" (this is really the big secret behind the lushness of this Toneprint, cause even though the Depth parameter for Modulation 2 and 3 are not adjustable under the "Modulation" setup tab, they can be controlled by assigning a knob to them, and they do actually have a big influence on the tone of the chorus/vibrato effect)
      - The 5 points for the Modulation - Depth 1 curve : 35.6% - 70.3% - 80.1% - 87.9% - 100%
      - The 5 points for the Modulation - Depth 2 curve : 6.6% - 43.8% - 54.7% - 62.9% - 75.8%
      - The 5 points for the Modulation - Depth 3 curve : 21.5% - 57.8% - 68% - 75.8% - 88.7%
      The exact curve points for the 3 parameters are important in order to obtain the right balance between them.
      - The range of the Speed knob : 200 mHz to 1.60 Hz for "Modulation - Speed" (you are of course welcome to expand the range of this knob, but I personally think this range makes most sense)
      - The range of the Mix knob : 0% to 100% for "Modulation - Mix" (if you got the Shaker Mini you assign the Ramp knob to "Modulation - Mix" instead of "Modulation -Ramp")
      - The Ramp knob will not be assigned to any parameters, as in changing the "Modulation - Ramp" to "No selection", though in case you got the Mini version of the Shaker you assign the Ramp knob to "Modulation - Mix" instead of "Modulation - Ramp"
      **) Additional note : --{* An even thicker chorus effect can be obtained by lowering "HiCut" to 4kHz and "Feedback HiCut" to 5kHz, though at the expense of definition and a tendency to easily get quite muddy. Likewise by raising the "Feedback HiCut" above the suggested 8kHz frequency it is possible to make the chorus sound more shimmery and sparkly, but at the expense of fullness. *}-- :
    • By CalDeep
      Up is my green label boss bass chorus, the classic! Full of mojo and a great sound, and is sadly just not getting used. 

      Price includes UK postage. 

      Any questions let me know! 

      Ideally looking for a sale, but try me with trades and part ex

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