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SOLD: Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 five string 2005
the Netherlands


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Kinda hesitant but I am thinking this will be the right decision. I never play this absolutely beautiful bass anymore since I got my Fodera.

PRICE LOWERED FOR 1 WEEK, then retracting from sale: Selling this beauty for GBP 2300 or 2550 euro + shipping cost (please enquire for info).

Built in Germany, 2005 so made of Ovangkol. Almost pristine condition. There's one tiny little dent at the bottom side of the body and one of the tuners is a bit wobbly when there is no string in place (sits solid when the string is there though).
I upgraded the nut to a JAN3 brass, everything else is completely original. This bass has a thin neck profile and plays like a dream. Action on it is really stupid low, plays like a formula one race car.
Bottom picture is recent, top one I made some time ago.

Will ship all across europe plus UK (are there any duties in place yet when shipping between Europe mainland and UK yet?). Bass will be shipped in a hardcase and very well packed.

Not really interested in any trade offers, I have too many basses already.
Payment options: Direct bank transfer prefered. Transferwise is another option. No Paypal as I have had problems with them in the past and they are crooks.
You can check my status here on the forum or the official Warwick forum where I have been an admin for ages.

If you want specific detail pics, just ask.

Cheers, Marco



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Added another payment method.
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One of my dream basses! Thank god im downsizing otherwise i would have this.

Note to seller - have a look at Transferwise.com as a cheaper and better alternative to Paypal for international transfers/payments. Ive used it a couple of times including on here when selling my Streamer Stage II and it is brilliant - better exchange rates and much lower fees than PayPal.


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22 hours ago, CPBass said:

How about an exchange for my Status Graphite Buzzard 2?.

its one of the very few basses Id trade for.

I think we may have discussed this or something else on the Warwick forum.



Gazing at your ad right now. It IS a very interesting bass you got there.
I was hoping to score some money and find a Wal, or buy that Acoustic 360/361 stack that's for sale...
But then it IS a very interesting bass you got there.

Gawd I'm awful aren't I? You're messing up my plans Col. LOL. Gimme a day to align to the stars.


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2 minutes ago, DiMarco said:

@CPBass I made up my mind for sure. Sorry no trade. Good luck selling that unique instrument though.

Ha ha, no problem mate. Ive been in the very same predicament many times. I so wish I had the cash to just buy yours as iyour Dolphin is sublime. ive had a couple pass through my hands and each one was a dream instrument. A five string is not one Ive been lucky enough to own so I thought Id just give you a knock just to see.

Good luck with your sale


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12 hours ago, NickA said:

Tempting to upgrade my 4 to a 5 .... it's what I really wanted when I got the 4!   I fear the extra string would be expensive though.. what's a 4 string Dolph worth these days?


This one (albeit a 1989 with the bart humbucker on) is a helluva lot more expensive then my fiver. I honestly don't know why people fall for that kind of overpricing.

Maybe you can just put it up as 'open to offers' and see where this takes you. I do expect it to catch at least two grand.


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On 07/10/2020 at 12:04, DiMarco said:

This one (albeit a 1989 with the bart humbucker on)

Always a premium on the boire ones with Bart's.  The dolphin I heard that really made me want one was a boire 5 played by Schalk Joubert through a little SWR working man amp. Since then Ive tried lots of basses with Bart's in them and didn't like them at all. Reckon Schalk is just very very good! The mec pickups in this and mine are clearer and brighter, if a little thin sounding ( compared to my Wal, anyway 😉 ). 

Still, £3280 for a boire 4 is over the odds, and doubt mine is worth anything like;  seller cashing in on the "it's older so it must be better" mentality that forces up the cost of scruffy old fenders.

Tempted, but mine is also not played much since the Wal arrived ... though the clear bell like tone of the Dolph is nicer for playing Bach on, slaps better too 🙂

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