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Using CMD121P speaker with external head

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I'm in the process of acquiring a back-up head for the moments when my Markbass CMD121P combo head decides it doesn't want to play ball. 

It's not going to be at massive volumes at the mo, so the backup head isn't huge. 

The permanent speaker cable on the MB combo is a 1/4" jack plugged into the back of the combo head. The replacement head has a combo speakon/jack plug, so that's fine, but the cable from the speaker is really short, so I'd need the spare head wedged down the back of the cab - not ideal if a quick volume adjustment is needed! 

Anyone see a female speakon combo plug or female jack to male speakon lead? Or anyone know of somewhere I could get one made? 

Alternatively, would something like this work with a 1/4" to 1/4" speaker lead and one of these?

Or could I just use something like a female 1/4" to female 1/4" adaptor and a jack to speakon lead? 

Finally, the backup amp only has one speakon out, so I would need a daisy chain to get the full output with a second cab - is there a daisy chain that does a speakon out to jack AND speakon? Or is this moon on a stick stuff?

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Those two Neutrik converter/connectors that you linked do work well together - I keep one of each in my gigging bag and have used them on the end of an appropriate cable to get from a combo’s speaker to an external amp head just like you describe.

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1 hour ago, Jakester said:

Great, thanks. 

No worries! Actually I suppose since you specifically said 1/4” to 1/4” cable, that’d need another of the jack to speakon converters as the speakon joiner thingy isn’t combination as far as I recall. Or just use a speakon/speakon or speakon/jack cable instead as either would get you to the combination socket on the head. You absolutely can use two converters and a join, though - I’ve done that as well.

Apologies if that sounded like a brief introduction to egg-sucking but I noticed that what I’d said wasn’t quite accurate 🙂 

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Plug speakon to female 1/4 adaptor into spare amp then get 2/3ft Male 1/4 to female 1/4  speaker cable;  Plug male end into adapter and plug male end coming out of 121p speaker into female end of speaker cable.

If I read you right the spare amp is combo speaker out so you can just get speaker cable male/female ends.

If you want 2 cabs get 1/4 Y-Adaptor and 2 speaker cables, There may be speakon to 1/4 Y adapter available? if you prefer  Speakon

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