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John East J-Tone Preamp - SOLD

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A brand new John East UK J-Tone preamp. Fresh out the box. I’ve wired this up and tested it, and all works perfectly, but have decided to stick with the passive circuit, so this is effectively new. Comes with original packaging, instructions and replacement tone caps.

£120 delivered.







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    • By johnpaulbass
      Hello bass friends,
      I did a search before I decided to write down this thread. 
      I'm in a hunt, ONLY USED !, for a a good bass preamp that has to have the BAL input since for a future project we're working to go full in ear and this would be quite a minimalist thing (trio, mostly acoustic stuff, there will be some electric but with VEEEEEEEEEEERY low volume). I intend to build myself a pedal board with: tuner, preamp, maybe a LS2 from Boss in order to have the possibility of 2 basses.
      Said so I'm planning to use my Custom shop fender P bass and a semi hollow bass.
      So far, from what I have seen in this price range (again, in the used market) the choice goes between these:
      - Aguilar tone hammer (my favorite so far)
      - mxr m81 
      - electro harmonix battalion
      - eden wtdi
      The point of this thread is to explore for some other that I may not have found. What are you experience ? I would love to read of other preamps 

      Thank you in advance for your help.
    • By Baloney Balderdash
      Been working on my amp-less setup for a while (for my 4 string 28,6" scale Ibanez Mikro Bass, tuned to G1 standard tuning, as in 3 half steps above regular E standard 4 string bass tuning, equipped with a DiMarzio Model P P pickup wired directly to the output jack socket, and run through an always on 1 octave up effect mixed with clean signal, giving an effect similar to an 8 string "octave" bass with pairs of respectively bass and octave strings), and I think it finally has reached it's final form with the arrival of the Art Tube MP Project Series tube preamp that I ordered from Thomann last Friday night.
      I did however replace the "hand picked premium selected" ( ...yeah, right...  ) cheap Chinese stock tube, which had a prominent exquisite thin fizzy and harsh top tire Chinese premium crapiest of all crap tonal quality to it (which I suppose must have been the parameters Art instructed their official "tube hand-picker" in chief to aim for), with a proper quality Russian made EHX 12AX7EH preamp tube, which made a huge difference.
      So the tube in this preamp is definitely no cheap gimmick (don't quite understand the reasoning behind Art choosing to save a fairly minimal amount of production bucks by equipping this preamp with a horrible sounding tube from factory though, as it definitely doesn't give the customers the right impression of the overall actual quality of the unit).
      Though I am perfectly aware that this is in the cheaper end of tube preamps on the market, and that it utilizes a starved tube plate circuit, however I've read in a blog somewhere, written by someone who actually measured the tube plate voltage of this preamp, that it still runs at about 70V, which, while quite a bit more than most other starved tube circuits on the market, still is a long way up to the about 200 to 300V that, as far as I know, usually is considered the optimal plate voltage to run preamp tubes at.
      Non the less it does a great job at adding a really nice touch of rich warm tube flavor and slight compression, just taking the upmost sharp edge of my bass signal (not to be confused with tone sucking), sort of rounding off the harshness of my signal in a really beautiful way, while still retaining the bite and zing of it.
      This is how the Art Tube MP Project Series tube preamp looks :

      This is the specs sheet :

      And here's how my always on amp-less setup looks in it's entirety on written form :
      TC Electronic SpectraComp (always on, fully customizable, 3 band, compressor) ->> Boss LS-2 [A+B Mix <-> Bypass] (parallel effect loops mixer/switch) ->> ={  [Loop A Send] ->> [Loop A Return] ->||<- [Loop B Send] ->> Joyo Orange Juice (always on, relatively low gain, Orange amp style, overdrive, that is always mixed with the clean signal from parallel effects [Loop A] at an about 60% Orange Juice/40% clean signal ratio) ->>  [Loop B Return] }=>> Zoom G1 Four (exclusively used as an always on EQ, utilizing five 1 band fully parametric equalizers to fine tune the tone by boosting the 63Hz, 200Hz, 250Hz, 400Hz, and 1khz frequency bands +1 to +2 dB) ->> Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer (always on, with the 50Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz, and 800Hz band boosted ever so slightly (~ +1 to +2 dB), and the 4.5kHz and 10kHz band cut repsectively about -5dB and -15dB) ->> Art Tube MP Project Series (tube preamp) 
      ->> [ Either : ->> headphones preamp ->> headphones (for home practice) /Or/ ->> mixer/poweramp ->> PA speaker/full range cabinet (for band rehearsals/jamming/gigging) ] 
    • By d_g
      Up for sale here is my John East J Retro. This thing sounds great and I'm only selling as I recently took this out of my Overwater and replaced it with a J Tone.
      Please note, my overwater has a separate battery box so the battery terminal is separate from the drop-in preamp (see pics) this means that a small amount of basic wire stripping and soldering is necessary to install the battery - hence the bargain price. The battery cables and ground cable are labelled to make it obvious!
      £125 posted in the UK.
      Any questions do let me know.
      Many thanks

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