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Weird clear-coat results...

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Hi all,

I hope you're all well, and not too affected by Boris's BS...

Having struggled to get a decent brush-on coating, I switched to SprayMax, a 2K poly in a rattle-can.

All of which went well, until it came to wet-sanding & buffing...

SprayMax gasses off in 10-15 minutes, and cures in 24 hours. To be safe, after 6 coats, I waited 5 days before grabbing the wet & dry, which is when the problems began.

I started on the neck, with 600grit on a cork block for the headstock & heel, and without the block for the neck. I went 600/1000/1500/2000/3000/5000, and finally 7000.

At this point, it looked beautiful. We're talking baby's backside, and already quite shiny.

The following day, I did three applications of Meguiar's M105 cutting compound.

Exactly the same procedure with the body.

All of this was done in the garden, and it looked stunning. However, when I ran out of daylight, I brought it all inside, and continued working under a daylight bulb, and quickly started to notice what looks like tiny pores in the poly, in random places, which suggests (to me) that I've either sanded through the upper coats in places, or exposed previously hidden bubbles. They only show up from certain angles, but now I can't unsee them.

I'm wondering if I should continue with the compound, or go back to wet-sanding, followed by more compound, or whether I should just key it and start again. And I am yet again seeking your opinion/advice.

I've attached photos of the surface, firstly a close-up next to the earth strap hole (about 10mm long), to hopefully give an idea of scale. The second shows the patchy nature of the pores.

As always, ANY info/recommendations are greatly appreciated.

All the very best,




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Looks too severe for orange peel unless you sprayed on a really thick coat in one go.  Maybe it's a paint reaction with the underlying finish. Sand it back until flat and spray again. Hopefully the first coat will act as a sealer and the finish will be OK. Many light coats generally produces the best results. Good luck.

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