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SOLD:::Fender AM Performer Jazz:::REDUCED £630
Kingdom o Fife

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Here we have an American Performer Jazz in Satin Sea Foam Green. I've had this up before but took it down as the neck seems very resonant to my lugs. Fender 74 pickups a KickAss bridge and a KiOgon loom finishes it off. This model doesn't come with a case but ive got a Fender case for it...i can stick it in for an extra £80 or comes with gig bag.Not looking for trades unless you have a mint AM Geddy Jazz & cash your way. Anyway UK only please and willing to meet up half way anywhere in UK or can box up if you arrange courier...cheers










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Indeed, a beautiful thing.

Well sorted and Dave's a lovely guy to deal with.

Good luck.

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Well, SOLD to a very talented Belgian bassist...made my day when all was revealed 😃...Elie Kh

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    • By Gaucho 5
      Sold to DEEPBASS, very nice chap, will love it I'm certain! Tune Technology: these were originally built in a well-known factory in Japan and quite sought after. The company split and one group started manufacturing these elsewhere Korea or Indonesia not sure? These were not as highly revered due to the lower rent hardware used in this change-over period. This has a Japanese body and neck rescued from the factory with superior fittings most added by the original owner:  Mk2 Bart pickups, Glock 3 band Pre, Gotoh tuners, Schaller bridge, brass nut! 19 mm spacing, extremely slim neck,  24 frets, Flamed Maple top. Couple of small marks in the back of the body, but in excellent nick, neck is ultra-slim! Unfortunately I've not found the time to progress with 6 strings , as nine years after changing exclusively to 5'vers I'm still learning! Cash is King, but I could find room for a another Lakland or Jazzy , maybe PBass 5'ver? will trade up or down, Collection or nearby meet only.

    • By dyerseve
      My clearout due to moving country continues... with that in mind - no trades please.
      Up for sale is the newly re-fretted Aria SB-Elite II / SB-ELT / SB-RSZ
      Model history:
      so here is what I know of the history behind this model(thanks to @Fionn for this info!):
      when it was first released, they called it the SB-Elite II, but changed it to SB-ELT shortly after, so it wouldn’t be confused with a previous model named  SB-Elite II. Anyway, Rudy Sarzo was playing one, so when they got him to endorse it they renamed it the SB-RSZ. All. 3 different names in only 3 years of production. Meanwhile, in Japan, they called it the SB-800 the whole time, despite the fact that there was already a bolt-on single pickup model with that name....
      Bass History:
      Anyway, back to this particular bass - it was originally fretted but somewhere along the line became a fretless which is how I bought it back in 2018. I had it professionally refretted by a local luthier (Tony Wright of Lakestone Guitars) so it is now back in it's original form. Whilst it was being refretted I took the hardware and got it shot-blasted to get rid of the tarnish on the gold hardware - the hardware now has a nickel-like finish which looks much nicer IMO. It isnt perfect though - the gold finish was heavily tarnished and so the shot-blasting worked well but in a couple of small areas it went a bit further so there are some areas where that are slightly unsightly - I am being picky here as this is a 30+ year old bass but I want to be as honest as possible. The bass in general is in very good condition for its age but again there are a few little bumps and knocks commensurate with normal use - certainly not abuse! I have tried to capture all of these in the photos so please study them carefully - there is nothing of any real significance other than a slight crack near the jack - the bass is rock solid, everything works perfectly including the truss rod and electronics. All the pots and switches have been cleaned and work  perfectly.
      Did I mention this bass sounds epic? Not to mention versatile, despite being passive! It features VVT controls and two coil tap switches to give you plenty of tonal varieties to chose from. The natural tone of this bass is quite bright and clear with a hot output.
      The bass is all original and I believe the case is also original to the bass. There is a small screw missing from the control cavity cover but otherwise it is complete and fully functioning. The same luthier that refretted it has just given it a pro setup with new Warwick Red Label strings.
      The ergonomics are excellent - perfect access to all frets , comfortable playing standing or sitting thanks to the body shape and contours. This bass weighs exactly 4kg and the balance is as perfect as it gets. The neck has a jazz neck feel to it - ie thin and fast.
      I think that covers all of it - if you have any questions please let me know.
      Worldwide shipping available at cost - I have a box to pack the bass and case in to for added protection.
      Detailed photos here - please check these for the not so pretty bits!:

    • By dyerseve
      Collection only from Dudley DY3 please.
      Good used condition - no issues. Loads of features and a great sound thanks to what I believe is a Celestion speaker, for very little money. Lightweight(30KG) but also has castors.
      No trades thanks as im moving country

    • By dyerseve
      **BACK ON HOLD**
       I am having a bass clear out due to moving countries very soon - everything is going except 1!
      Up for sale(no trades please) is my stunning Warwick Streamer Stage II. Handbuilt in Germany in 1989 - this bass is a beautiful example from the "Golden Era" of Warwick. The wood choices on the basses are exceptional as shown in the photos. They benefit from solid brass bridges - not the cheaper and less resonant alloys used afterwards. This bass also features the very high quality Schaller machineheads. All that brass does add some weight though - the bass weighs 4.6kg / 10lbs 3oz.
      This bass comes with a brand new ABS flight case to keep it safe during shipping. It is a quality case that I have used before for shipping internationally without any issues.
      Everything works perfectly - the truss rod, the electronics etc. - as you would expect from a bass of this quality. The truss rod is also future-proof as it is removable and replacements are easily available from Warwick so there is no risk here!
      The fretboard and frets have been cleaned - the frets have then been polished and the fretboard oiled.
      The bass is currently strung with Warwick Red Label strings - this set is almost brand new.
      The bass does show some signs of normal use, notably very deep thumb wear above the neck pickup. There are a couple of small marks around the body however for it's age the overall condition is excellent and this bass has clearly been used but well loved and looked after. There is the usual very light tarnish to the gold hardware, as you would expect from any used musical instrument but overall the bass is in exceptionally good cosmetic condition for it's age - there are no deep scratches and no cracks.
      This bass is all original.
      Here are the specs for this particular bass from the founder of Warwick, Hans Peter Wilfer:
      - Bass               Streamer Stage II 4 string
        Serial Number     M 451 89
        Year               1989
        Month             December
        Number             451
        Neck Wood         Wenge Wood with Afzelia Wood
        Fingerboard        Wenge Wood with Mother of Pearl Ying Yang inlays
        Frets              Bronce Warwick Frets  
        Nut               Just a Nut Brass Version
        Neck construction  NeckThrough hiddenneck construction
        Body               3 pcs. solid Azelia Wood
        Surface           Oil Finish / BeeWax surface
        Pickups           active EMG JJ Pickups
        Electronic         active MEC 2 Band Electronic
        Hardware           Gold Hardware made by Schaller for Warwick
        Made in Germany / 91330 Eggolsheim
      It will be very well packaged and shipped in a brand new ABS flight case - the flight case will be packaged within a box.
      I can ship anywhere in the world - it will be shipped with full insurance and tracking for everyone's peace of mind.
      If you have any questions please let me know.
      Many more detailed photos can be found here:

    • By dyerseve
      Creek OBH 21SE Headphone Amp with PSU - both units have been upgraded.
      Both the amp and the PSU have been upgraded with better quality electrolytics - the PSU has Mundorf Mlytic AG, ELNA Cerafine and Jantzen Cross Caps. The amp has ELNA Cerafines and all of the links on the PCB have been replaced with solid silver.
      The volume pot was just replaced with a like-for-like ALPS Blue Velvet from HiFi Collective. The amp case has additional dampening material. The PSU has been rehoused in a shielded project box and now has  shielded silver-plated cable and a silver-plated MK 3 pin UK plug.
      Perfect working condition and very good cosmetic condition.
      I have the original boxes for both the amp and the PSU but the PSU, due to being rehoused in a larger box no longer fits in the original packaging  but will be very well packaged for shipping.
      £125 posted to most UK mainland addresses
      More photos here:

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