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Dosi Y'Anarchy

SOLD: MODIFIED MIM Fender Pawnshop Mustang Bass
Chesham, Bucks

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Hi everyone,

This is a pretty reluctant feeler. If someone wants to bite my hand off for it, ill let it go but otherwise ill keep it. 

This started life as a Fender Pawnshop Mustang Bass, with the big old mudbucker rather than a standard Mustang Pickup. I found it muddy and indistinct, so replaced the pickup and pickguard.


The pickguard started life a mirrored gold pickguard from WD Music and I scuffed it up to make it less reflective. 

The current pickup is a Aero Mustang, but formerly it was a Nordstrand NM4 (which i still have and can include in the sale for £50), the Aero is a little smoother sounding than the Nordy, but they're similar. 

This feels exactly like my MIJ Mustang did, I had them both at the same time and preferred this one so sold the MIJ.


Its a fantastic sounding and playing bass but two Bass VIs and a Gibson as well as a 32" Squire jag, I've got about all the short scales i need at the moment.  










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