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SOLD Hohner B2B now £170 posted - couple of trades options added
South Benfleet, Essex

Paul S

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I always find the headless, bodiless basses extremely useful.  Usually as back up as they take up very little room on 'stage' or in the car but, often, just for their own sake.  In the past I have bought, sold, rebought, sold again then rebought the Hohner 'B' series a few times, ending with this B2B.  The recent arrival of a Riverhead Unicorn bass has usurped the Hohner, which I am now putting up for sale.

So, firstly, it isn't a spelling mistake.  This is the B2B, not the B2 or B2A or B2AD or any other letters of the alphabet.  It is a B2B.  It differs from the B2A in that it has PJ pickups, not EMGs.  It is passive and also has a bolt-on neck rather than a set neck - still has the full 2 octave, 24 frets though.  This is the second B2B I have owned - I prefer the more organic sound from the PJ set up (V V T controls) compared to the EMGs of the B2A and it does a passable precision bass tone on the neck pickup.  Blend in more of the bridge pup and you get that classic burpy tone.  The only other difference is that it doesn't have the flip down leg rest thingy.

The serial number makes it 1990 and, like most 30 year olds, it has signs of use and wear.  Nothing scary.  The pickup poles and adjusting screws show signs of slight corrosion, making me think a previous owner sweated sulphuric acid.  Not a problem, everything works and I am sure they could be cleaned up, I just never considered it important.

The tuning adjusting screws on the bridge are a bit stiff but work just fine, I put some graphite grease on them when I first got it (it really made my fingers sore trying to tune it!) and that has freed them up OK.  Neck is currently straight.  I've not needed to adjust the truss rod but have no reason to suppose it doesn't work.  A few dinks, nothing bad, worst one is by the input jack and pictured below.  Currently strung with double ball end Status flats, there will be a set of double ball end rounds in the box when it goes out.

I don't have a hard case for it but it will be packaged well.

Priced to sell - these usually go for £250+ - at £190 £170 including shipping to UK mainland.  Collect from SS7 and it goes down to £170.  £150

I happen to be going to Devon on Friday morning - M25 south, M3, A303 - then on to Penzance on Saturday if that helps. :) 








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