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Fender HMT Bass Made in Japan
Southend Essex

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The HMT Series stood for Heavy Metal Telecaster. The HMT bass had a p-bass body shape that was semi-hollow and including an f-hole. Lace Sensor pickups and a reverse headstock completed the package. In near mint condition this Fender Hmt bass comes with TBX control It has a P-bass pick up, together with an unbuffered piezo bridge pick up. This is an active Bass that uses a 9v battery fitted ( under back plate) Controls are, master volume, tone, and pick up blend, which gives a range of different tones. It is very light, and well balanced. The two pickups are conventional p Bass pup and a pietzo pickup in the bridge and the two pickups can be blended or used individually 

It was made at the 
Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japan
in 1989 - 1990
Production Number: 37410

Its extremely light weighing 7lbs 5ozs using digital scales on a solid flat floor

The jazz shaped neck has a 1.5” nut width

For sale only

Postage at buyers risk and cost 












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I had one of these and it's one of the few basses I really regret selling. 

It's actually a variation on the Gibbo hockey stick headstock. The other even rarer version has the normal Fender headstock, I can't remember now which was Mk 1 & 11.

I also seem to remember these had a piezo somewhere, in the bridge possibly.

Gareth, I'm off to reduce my Sandberg until this has gone. Cross your fingers for me.

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29 minutes ago, ash said:

I bet this would be great with a Status P or J neck on it (sacrilege 😉



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Had one of these, biggest regret in getting rid off this for my first 5 string...the neck played so well and the p pickup sounded terrific

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awesome bass!

had one as well, put some flats on it and got great tone. great neck as well, super slim (if that's something that floats your boat)


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Damn !! 


Those are cracking basses. 


If I didn't plan to build one later this year I'd join the "will be back" queue.



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