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Skabass build, the neverending saga... NOW WITH NEW NECK


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  • Rich changed the title to Skabass build/refinish FINISHED(ish)!
  • 4 weeks later...

Here's how it looks now with the filled pickup cavity. Ive put a strip of tape across the top of the pickup too, to stop any stray 'clicks' when I dig in a bit. I'm going to stop guffing about with it now :lol:it sounds great and does everything I wanted it to. The End :)


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  • 3 weeks later...

OK, this is the last thing, I promise :lol: the kill switch is now a pushbutton, and I've added a Trojan decal to the top bout. Felt like it needed something in that big expanse of white. I really am going to leave it alone now, honest.


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  • 2 months later...

OK, well... having said I'd leave it alone, out of necessity I've had to revisit it fairly dramatically.

TL;DR version: neck developed what I can only assume was a truss rod fault of some sort, leaving me with action I could park a bus under and couldn't adjust. New neck bought from fleabay, turned up with a big DIY paddle headstock. After consulting the BC massive (see attached thread), the favourite shape seemed to be the old style Aria one as per this:



Anyway... just spent half an hour in the garage with jigsaw and 80 grit, and so far so good. Although that top curve has got a bit of a 'roman nose', now I look at it. Out with the 80 grit again then. Quite pleased so far though. A world of rubbing down still to come, and then the final finish is going to be the same as the original, i.e. white painted front to match the body, and the rest tung-oiled. I was really pleased with the oil finish on the first neck and I'd like to recreate it.







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  • Rich changed the title to Skabass build, the neverending saga... NOW WITH NEW NECK
17 minutes ago, Rich said:

One subtle re-shaping later... Its broken nose bump is gone, and I've blunted the bottom point somewhat. You're right, it does look better for not being so spiky. 



That looks great. I really like it. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

New neck is on... setup & truss rod tweaking required now. Once it's all set up and working, I'll strip it back again and apply the oil/paint/decal. 

Very happy with the look. 

EDIT: setup complete, action now down to a much healthier 2mm. Neck is lovely. Rich is very happy bunny :D


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