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Fender Bassman 100


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Reluctantly selling my Fender Bassman 100. It's a lovely amp, in great condition for its age, and recently serviced with all new power valves by Howard at MAC Amplification.

If you're tempted by the warmth and depth of valve amps but worry about weight - this is the one for you. Only 19kg so significantly lighter than SVTs etc. 

More than happy to share more photos, arrange a demo etc. Collection / delivery only, as I am concerned about couriering this. I'm in Leeds but can travel a reasonable distance, plus I regularly go to Cheshire for work, so anywhere along that M62/M60 corridor is possible too.


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43 minutes ago, Gareth Hughes said:

Curses!!!! Wanted one of these for years, but I’ve the Irish Sea and several hundred miles in between. Good luck with the sale.

Double curses!!!!!! I missed my BM 70 so much I bought a blackface '69, but wanted one of these (none about at the time)!!

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I have very many happy memories of the Bassman 100 - my first 'proper' amp bought in 1980 from Carlsbro in Mansfield. Had it a few years never a problem with it and only traded in it for a Trace Elliot 1110 combo in the mid 80s - as a lot of bassist did back then - shame hey missed it  - now have tooooo may amps.

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