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Graham A

*SOLD*Fender Player Precision L/H Tidepool & Gig Bag
Billingham - TS23 3DJ

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I have decided to move on my Fender Player Precision, as i currently own another Precision & a Jazz bass, making this one surplus to requirements.

I bought the bass new around April 2019 ( serial number indicates that it was manufactured in 2018 ). The bass is in a good condition, although it has been gigged in the past, so has suffered a couple of small dings which i've tried to show in the photos. One small ding to the upper half of the body, a slight indentation on the headstock, plus there's a slight scuff mark on the neck plate. None of these affect the playability of the bass in any way.

The bass comes with a padded Fender gig bag, & the tools it came with. It is currently fitted with Dunlop strap locks which i'll keep on, & i'll supply the locking mechanism to go onto the strap, so you're ready to go. The original Fender strap pins that came with the bass will also be included in case you want to swap back.

Happy to courier in the UK only at buyers expense / risk, although cash on collection is always king.

Thanks for looking








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3 hours ago, rasher80 said:

Wow that was quick!!

Yeah i know, even took me by surprise.

The bass in question is currently on it's way to it's new owner 😊

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    • By such
      PRICE DROPPED: £900
      For sale is my Fender Marcus Miller signature Jazz Bass. I bought it on BassChat in around 2012; not sure when exactly or who from, since the messages are gone. It had been upgraded by the previous owner with a Sadowsky VTC preamp and Hipshot D-Tuner in matching reverse/nickel. You can say "modded, not upgraded" but I think it's hard to disagree these are legitimate upgrades. The VTC feature itself makes so much difference, the tone control being functional in both passive and active modes allows for some superb tones. Like, cutting most highs with the tone control while boosting treble with the active knob (which is centered somewhat lower, freq-wise) when on bridge pickup soloed, gets you that dark but focused and super spiky tone of electric jazz/fusion virtuoso. 
      Then of course you get a superb slap tone, clean and classic jazz bass sounds and everything you can reasonably expect from a bass of this format. It's bright, punchy, meaty, growly, snappy, airy, open, clear and big. 
      The bass is super playable. When I bought it, the nut was a tiny bit high, I found, so I got Andrew from Anaconda Basses (they weren't really a thing yet then, about to launch) to make me a brass one. It improved playability and effortlessness in lower registers, open string sound and sustain (possibly) and harmonics (audibly). 
      It's as good a jazz bass as you'll get, if you're into this sort of thing. 
      I recall checking the serial number once, and the result said 2007-2010. Also, I think it weighed at 4.1kg, will edit if I remember wrong. It's fairly light and very well balanced. The battery keeps forever. I changed it recently after more than 2 years. It was still going strong, just messed with my inner comfort. 
      Unfortunately, I seem to have inherited arthritic tendencies, so combined with my long fingers, I can't really play a jazz neck anymore. I've commissioned a build of a bass based in some ways on this one, and it will also be funded by this sale - therefore no trades, I'm afraid. 
      I'm willing to post, will need to figure it out though. I will change strings to brand new D'Addario XL steels or nickels (buyer's choice) in 45-105. 

    • By roceci
      Fantastic unique Squier VM fretless jazz with upgrades. Refinished in Graffiti Yellow, fitted with replica tort plate and genuine Fender bridge and pickup covers. Body in mint condition apart from a few minor surafce marks to bottom and side edges and one small ding on the rear top contour as shown, otherwise like new. Replaced stock neck with Mexican Fender pau ferro, mint condition and lemon oiled for a lovely finish. Previously fitted with an active preamp and still has side mounted jack if wanted to upgrade. Strung with Picato flats, nice and worn in.
      Prefer local collection (somehow) as out of boxes to send (at buyer's cost). Cheers!

    • By leema
      NOW £1170
      Brand new Fender American Professional Jazz.
      Bought it new from a store in USA as a moving away/returning to UK present to myself. By the time I got back to Europe, situation has changed and now have to let it go to a new loving owner.
      Comes as/with all you would expect from a brand new bass (including protective plastics, etc.)
      One thing to mention - US border, after inspecting the case, didn't bother to put it back into packaging, so case ended up with a few scuffs (could be seen in one of the pictures).
      Collection from South East London or a possible drop off within M25.

    • By Status09
      REDUCED TO £460
      Selling an INCREDIBLE 2013 Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass with the sought after 30” short scale length in beautiful trans White Blonde with a 3 Ply Tort Pickguard, P/J configuration Pickups, Rosewood fretboard and a Fender Hi Mass Bridge. 

      Only around 200 of these were Made in China in 2013 so grab a beautiful example of a rare, amazing sounding and easy to play Fender Modern Player Jazz that’s a little different because of its shorter 30” scale length (like a Mustang bass), and the incredible sounding P/J pickup configuration.

      Bass is in fantastic condition with only one slight ding on the back of the headstock (pictured below the serial number), a slight scratch on the back of the neck (doesn’t affect feel or playability at all) and there are two holes in the scratch plate if you wanted to insert a thumb-rest / tug bar as is quite popular on a lot of basses these days.

      The high gloss urethane lacquer over the white blonde finish really is phenomenal - the photos just don’t show how clear the wood grain shows through the lacquer! This was a common finish (in different colours) on many of the Fender American Deluxe series of bases in the late 90’s / early 00’s.

      The P/J pickup configuration provides classic, punchy tones having the best of both, and the short scale length makes this bass perfect for live and recording. 
      It’s a much more versatile bass (IMO) than the Fender JMJ signature bass or any other Mustang Bass / Short Scale Fender because of the versatile pickup configuration, and it’s ideal for any player who prefers a lighter weighing bass (great for those who play longer gigs!) 

      The scale = Short Scale, 30" (762 mm), according to official Fender specs.

      The Fender high mass bridge provides more contact to the body, increasing sustain and enabling perfect intonation with the adjustable bridge saddles.

      It comes with a one piece 3-ply tortoiseshell pickguard that also replaces the chrome control plate on standard Jazz basses - a nice touch aesthetically.
      The bass has been fully set up, cleaned and intonated ready for the new owner. 
      Full specs can be seen here: https://www.gak.co.uk/en/fender-modern-player-short-scale-jazz-bass-white-blonde/100117

      Bass doesn’t come with a gig bag or case unfortunately. 

      Cash on Collection ONLY (WON'T BE POSTING) from North Greenwich in South East London, adhering to social distancing rules, thought I may be able to deliver depending on your location (I travel to the Midlands quite frequently).

      If you would like any more photos or information please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

    • By Davo-London
      I have a very lightweight precision body and need to marry it up with the lightest neck I can get my hands on.  Two problems; 1) no-one seems to state what the neck weights are, and 2) where could I source a lightweight neck?
      I really want a Telecaster neck with rosewood fingerboard!!
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