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Lipstick pickups in bass (Dano etc)


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I think the only ones I’ve seen are Dano, Jerry Jones and old Silvertone vids on YT.

Sound seems very clear and crisp. The Dano 59 demos I’ve seen sound pretty good but you’d be hit or miss with rest of guitar, especially the tuners from what I can gather. 

Other brands seem to have stayed away from lipsticks for good reason maybe? Too weak ?

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3 hours ago, hooky_lowdown said:

Kent Armstrong and alike make high output lipstick pickups, so not weak. They are essentially guitar pickups probably why they aren't used in basses.

Kent Armstrong do Jazz lippys:


10.3k, so hotter than most J units.

Also Warwick sell these by MEC, can't see any specs:


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